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The Delicious Last Course add-on pack for Cuphead is set to be released this year, four years after its introduction. But why is this DLC important and what content awaits us? Be with Zomji.

Cuphead is MDHR Studios’ first and only game to date; A studio founded by two brothers, Jared and Chad Muldenhauer. Caphed’s game itself went through a strange construction process; The development of the game started in 2010, and finally, after many ups and downs, the review of which is not included in this article, we saw the release of the game in 2017. But the fact is that the long wait for the game, which got harder and harder with each show, was well worth it, and Caphead, after its release, soon won the hearts of gamers, and especially those who grew up with the works of Retro and Gun & Run. Abduction.

Following the success of the game, it was during E3 2018 that the creators unveiled an add-on package called The Delicious Last Course for it and announced 2019 as the release date. But now, we are in 2022, and it was during the Game Awards ceremony that it was announced that this add-on package will finally be released in 2022. On this occasion, Edge Magazine published an article about this DLC in its February issue, the reasons for its development delay and its contents, which we will review together.

Blue bass in the package The Delicious Last Course of Cappadocia

Definitely the first question that arises is why the development of an add-on package took nearly four years? To find out the answer to this question, before we hear it from one of the studio directors, it is not bad to flashback to the main game. Caphed, in the true sense of the word, was full of very small details, and this is important when we know that the design of the game and its animations were done manually, and this ultimately led to a different and really special result in the game. . Maya Muldenhauer, The studio’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) explains:

“We are constantly challenging ourselves to play the details more accurately and delicately; Not all players may notice these details and do not notice them much, but for those who do, this attention to detail will be extremely enjoyable. Now that we are at this stage of making The Delicious Last Course, we feel proud that in every aspect of the game, we worked with great attention to detail; “From music and design to animations and every other feature of the game.”

Fight the Knights in the add-on pack of The Delicious Last Course

According to Maya, the success of the original version of Cappadocia led developers to constantly ask themselves, “How can this part of the game be made as good as possible?” And this approach has made The Delicious Last Course something more than just an add-on package, and simply put, it offers a high volume of content; To the extent that Maya likens it to a completely belly pudding next to the main course! To better understand this, we need to know that the game DLC is supposed to have 11 new basses, various hidden areas are hidden in its stages, ‌ we will see new weapons, a group of 140 people has played special music for it and 25,000 animation frames It was also hand-designed for him, so all in all, it took four years!

11 new bass, 25,000 hand-crafted animation frames and music made by a group of 140 people are waiting for players in Cape DLC

According to Maya, when players are confronted with the basics of the game, they will understand why the development of the game has taken so long. For example, in one of the amulets, you have to go to battle with an extremely large creature, one of the weapons of which are grizzly bears that pick them up and throw them at you. Meanwhile, dwarves come out of the ground and try to hit you with the sharp point of their hats, which is like a dagger, and a number of other threats await you by throwing stones or hammers, all of which belong to only one of them. The steps of the game. In another battle, you will encounter a spider that fights in three different layers, and while it throws cocoon worms at you, the ants help it by directing rings of smoke at you; Of course, you can turn the threat into an opportunity and turn those circles back to your boss.

Giant Bass Closed The Delicious Last Course

The Delicious Last Course also has new gameplay mechanics, one of the most important of which is the simplification of Parry mechanics in the game. Ms. Chalice, who also had a fringe presence in the first version, is set to be the game’s new add-on pack star, and has abilities such as the ability to double-jump and fill at the same time as the shower, allowing you to dodge things that are thrown at you. Return them to the enemy himself. This character will also be used in the stages related to the main game, and perhaps his abilities will enable you to complete the stages with a better time.

But the question that arises is whether the presence of such a character in the game will make the captain easier? The creators do not give an exact answer at this time, but according to the author Edge, this is similar to the question that was asked of Miyazaki after the introduction of the game Skiro; Whether the mechanics of the main character returning from death make the game easier or not is even an excuse to open up new challenges to it? It is now possible that the creators of The Delicious Last Course may want to make the game more accessible to more people, and whether or not these mechanics make it a relative simplification; The more these mechanics help the player, the more difficult the challenges will be; What is the result, we have to wait until the game is released.

Wizard and Whale in The Delicious Last Course package of Cappadocia

Another interesting thing about the add-on package is why MDHR Studios decided to make an add-on package for Cappad instead of going to new projects? Chad Moldenhauer explains:

“We fell in love with the world we created and wanted to spend more time with it and use what we left out in the original version here. As an independent, novice studio building its first game, these were items that had to be removed from the original due to time and budget constraints; From references to various animations to going to more design themes and more. “The eagerness to work on things that have no place in the original version was the factor that led us to The Delicious Last Course.”

Fight with cowboys in The Delicious Last Course package of Cappadocia game

Just like the original version, we will see very crowded battle scenes in the Caphed add-on pack; But MDHR Studios shows that at the same time, it can capture everything with the utmost clarity.

The game’s creators have also mentioned that The Delicious Last Course is supposed to be the end of the game’s story, and for this reason, they want to finish everything in a surprising and memorable way. In order to maintain the appeal of the game, the creators are not very interested in showing the details in the trailers or revealing information in the descriptions related to the game, and for this reason, the game shows are limited to general items so that players can discover more interesting items themselves; Of course, this approach is not just about the story aspect of the game, and it seems that in terms of mechanics and new items such as weapons, the creators have kept a lot of surprises for the time of the game; As far as Muldenhauer has told Edge, in the recent trailer of the game, keen players can notice some new things, but the final version will still have more to offer.

However, we expect to have a challenging and sweet experience after the success of the original and thanks to the time and effort that the developers have taken to design The Delicious Last Course with the utmost care and obsession. This add-on package will be released on July 30, 1401. Please share your comments about the game developers’ descriptions and features with Zomji and its users.

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