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We all wish at some point in our lives to return to the good old days to experience for the first time the special game that changed our lives forever. Is it true that some games are so perfect that the news of making a remake or remaster of them may make us fear that our own childhood memories will be ruined? But the fact is that we are all accustomed to the graphics and gameplay of today’s games, and in this hot market of remastered and remake of old games, we wish our favorite game would join them.

With the release and remake of remakes and remakes of old games such as Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII, Demon’s Souls, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and many more, more and more developers are paying attention to this issue. With the addition of the GTA trilogy to this hot market, we’re going to take a look at some of the popular old games whose remastered or remixed games have delighted their fans.

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Chrono Trigger gameplay

Chrono trigger

Developer: Squaresoft

Year of publication: 1995

Twenty-six years after the release of Chrono Trigger, it is still considered one of the best RPGs and even one of the best games in history. A story with multiple endings, deep characterization and rich gameplay of this game made a lot of noise in its time. Time travel in this memorable work was on the largest scale that a game could have, and this feature, along with the familiarity of the many characters and the background of each of them, led to a complex and engaging story.

To understand this greatness, you must know that in part of the game you travel 65 million BC. The game shows even the changes that an environment has undergone over the years to enhance the details. Despite its high price tag of $ 80, Chrono Trigger was widely acclaimed around the world and sold out very quickly. The good news for those who have not yet tried the Chrono Trigger is that the game is now available in the Steam Store for € 15.

Gameplay Golden Eye 007

Golden Eye 007

Developer: Rare Limited

Year of publication: 1997

When Golden Eye 007 was being inspired by a James Bond movie of the same name, few people thought it would be so successful that it would make a name for itself as one of the best shooter games. While most games have elements similar to Doom And Quake Golden Ie took his realistic path, and it is safe to say that he directed the first-person shooter games after him.

The impact of this game was such that many unofficial attempts were made to make a remaster and remake of it, and also the popular Perfect Dark game was released as a spiritual sequel to this work. The remake of the game was eventually made by the original production team, but was canceled due to disagreements between Microsoft and Nintendo, leaving fans in a state of regret.

Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Developer: نینتندو

Year of publication: 1998

Just visit the Metacritic site to see with your own eyes the top of the list of the best games on this website with Meta 99! Of course, it should not be overlooked that the number of people who have reviewed this game is less than the critics of today’s games, and it has been a long time since its release, but it can still be said that Ocarina of Time is worth its place. Is to have.

Ocarina of Time is one of the best games in the Zelda series, and its sequel called Majora’s Mask was able to repeat its success. The time travel, combat, and targeting mechanisms of these games were ahead of their time, and the creators had the best possible balance between the various dimensions of the game. New Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games will also be added to the Nintendo Switch online subscription with the Expansion Pack service soon, including the Ocarina of Time port. But where is the port and where is the remake! While several versions of Zelda have been released remixed or remastered in recent years, remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, despite their popularity, have not yet been on Nintendo’s agenda.

Harry Mason in Silent Hill

Silent Hill

Developer: Silent team

Year of publication: 1999

The 1990s ended with works that had such an impact on the horror genre that two decades later they are still remembered as the pioneers of the genre. Resident Evil and Silent Hill, although different in their approach to intimidation, complemented each other to the point where they introduced the horror genre of the video game industry.

The two works, however, separated in the middle of the road; While Capcom’s Sugal received new releases each year (some of which were weak and some of which were very popular), Konami sent Silent Hill to the bottom. From unsuccessful remasters that resulted in user dissatisfaction to the canceled PT project, which despite being incomplete is always among the scariest games. Over the years, many Silent Hill studios have been inspired to make their own games, but none have been able to cure Silent Hill fans. There are many rumors about making a Silent Hill sequel even at the time of writing, but none have been confirmed, and we still have to wait for the official news from the creators.

Syphon Filter game cover

Siphon filter

Developer: Studio strap

Year of publication: 1999

Band Studio released Siphon Filter for the PlayStation before it became known as Diz Gun and in its early years. Despite the many challenges it faced, Siphon Filter was finally released and was able to attract the attention of most audiences and critics; The subject was unexpected and quite shocking with the new members of the studio. The creators were inspired by the popular stealth games of the time, such as Golden Eye 007 and Metal Gear Solid, in making Filter Siphon.

Gameplay Max Payne 1

Max Payne

Developer: Ramdi Internet

Year of publication: 2001

The second creation of Ramdi Entertainment’s new studio and Sam Lake’s first collaboration with this studio became one of the most enduring works in the video game industry; So that just mentioning the name of this game will bring a wave of bittersweet memories for many gamers. Aside from the highly moving and sad story, the gameplay, which was inspired by The Matrix, was completely unique and entertaining. After the success of Max Payne 1, Take Two Interactive took over the rights to release this game, and Ramdi Studio said goodbye to this series after making the second version of Max Payne and took a new path. Thus, the production of the third and final version of the series was entrusted to Rockstar Games, which was accompanied by contradictory feedback from fans.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Developer: کونامی

Year of publication: 2001

Many fans were surprised and somewhat dissatisfied when Metal Gear solid 2: Sons of Liberty only cast Snick for a while and then introduced a new character named Raiden to the series. But this did not last long, as not only was Raiden able to prove himself throughout the game, but the reasons for many of the vague events that took place in MGS2 were revealed in later versions. According to the main tradition of the series, stealth plays the leading role in the game, and this feature, along with the amazing details of the gameplay, made it one of the most memorable versions of Metal Gear Solid for the fans. For example, the player could move the exhausted guards to a place out of sight to minimize the risk of being identified.

Dino crisis game

Dino crisis

Developer: کپکام

Year of publication: 1999

Horror style is not limited to zombies and other mutant creatures, and among them are works that put us in front of enemies that we have encountered less. Dino Crysis (or Resident Evil with our own dinosaur) is a clear example of how bloodthirsty dinosaurs kill a player. Shinji Mikami, better known as the Resident Evil series, directed Dino Crysis. Despite the success of the first version, the sequels did not perform very well, and this eventually led to the death of the series (probably forever). The main reason for this was the loss of direction and the lack of a clear purpose for these works, while the absence of Shinji Mikami was not ineffective in later versions. Of course, the good news for Dino Crysis fans is that Instinction is being inspired by this game and other dinosaur-based works, and is scheduled for release in 2022.

Game Infamous 2

Infamous 1/2

Developer: Soccer Punch

Year of publication: 2009

Before Soccer Punch Studios made their name with Ghost of Sushima, we all knew it better with the Infamous series. The second version of this game has even better performance than the first version and is full of interesting and unexpected story twists. One of the attractive features of this game is its karma system, which, based on the decisions you make during the game, shapes the storyline, the reaction of the townspeople when they see you, and the total power you gain. This feature can be seen in all versions of Infamous, which encourages the player to try it again to see these details with their own eyes.

John Marston in red dead redemption 1

Red Dead Redemption

Developer: Rockstar Games

Year of publication: 2010

Even if you have experienced the first version of Red Dead Redemption, after the second version and finding more familiarity with each member of the Dutch band, you will surely establish more connection with the first part and you will want to go back to the first version. It is not wrong to say that at least half of us wish to hear the news of the remaster of this popular game. Now that Rockstar is in the works, it’s not bad to mention Bully, which was a very unique work at the time, but the news of its release has never been confirmed. Of course, Rockstar games, which have a lot of potential for remakes, do not end there, but the company is currently focusing heavily on the GTA and GTA Online trilogy; This seems logical and selfish given the over-popularity of the game and the reception it has received each time.

Finally, I have to point out that the reason some popular old games are missing is that they expect more of a sequel than a remaster or remake of the original. Has a remake of your favorite game been released or are you still waiting for news from its creators? How much do you agree with making remakes or remakes of old games?

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