Gary Oldman appears in the first images of Apple’s new spy series; Announcement of release date


The Apple Network has released the first official images of the Slow Horses series starring Gary Oldman. Also, the start date of the broadcast of this spy series has been announced.

According to the latest Movie and TV news, The first official images of the Slow Horses series have been released. Apple has just released the first official images of this spy series, which is seen in an image Gary Oldman We are in the role of Jackson Lamb. Other images of the main characters of the series can also be seen in other images. Slow Horses is Gary Oldman’s first role in a series in nearly two decades, and you can see these 4 images below:

Apple TV Plus also announced that the Slow Horses series will air from April 1, 2022 (April 12, 1401) with the airing of the first two episodes, and the rest of the episodes will be broadcast weekly on Fridays. Gary Oldman, Olivia Cook, Jonathan Price, Christine Scott Thomas, Jack Luden, Antonio Achilles, Sam Hazeldin, Rosalind Elizar, Chris Riley, Dustin Demry Burns, Christopher Patrick Chang And Joey AnashAre among the actors who have appeared in the series Slow Horses and have played roles.

Will Smith The task of writing the script and James House They have directed the series Slow Horses. This spy series is based on the novel of the same name Mick Heron it was made. The story follows a team of British intelligence agents working in MI5 – Slough House. Oldman plays Jackson Lamb, the clever but angry leader of the spy group who has reached Slough House because of his mistakes.

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