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Today, the best shopping centers in Tehran are not limited to commercial units, and despite providing services such as sports clubs, restaurants, amusement parks, food courts, cinemas, etc., they have provided a complete entertainment complex for visitors.

Palladium Shopping Center

Tehran Palladium Shopping Center

Palladium Shopping Center is one of the largest and most modern shopping centers in Iran and Tehran, which is located in Saffron. This commercial complex has gained a great reputation by offering the best domestic and foreign brands in the field of clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes. Palladium brands include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Jane West, Mango, Jennifer, TT, Pama, Pont and more.

Palladium Shopping Center is a complete commercial and entertainment complex that besides buying gold and jewelry, toys, food (sweets and chocolates, nuts and coffee), cultural products, books and stationery, etc., you can visit the sports club, kindergarten, library , Play house and so on. In addition, there are food courts and restaurants in this center, which with their varied and quality menu, are great options for rejuvenation. Parking, supermarket, pharmacy and music institute are other parts of this complex.

  • Customer Affairs Phone: 02122663066
  • Shopping Center Information Phone: 22010600-021
  • Address: Tehran, Moqaddas Ardabili St., not far from Square A, Palladium Shopping Center

Tajrish Citadel Shopping Center

Tajrish Citadel Shopping Center is located on 10 floors on the north side of Tajrish Square, five floors of which are commercial and the rest are private parking. Parking is one of the most important parts of this passage; Because visitors can shop with ease and without worries. Facilities such as coffee shop, food court, restaurant, car wash, cinema campus, fan time amusement park, amphitheater and green roof have also made this place ideal for shopping and sightseeing.

To buy a variety of options from women, children, ball gowns, men’s suits to sesame, bags and shoes, perfumes and colognes, home appliances, electronics, cosmetics, etc. with reputable domestic and foreign brands ahead You are located.

  • Phone: 22396121 – 22396892
  • Address: Tajrish Square, at the beginning of Saadabad Street, Tajrish Citadel Shopping Center

Cyrus Commercial Complex

Cyrus Shopping Center

Kourosh Commercial Complex or Kourosh Mall is another luxury and modern center in the northwest of the capital, which sells a variety of products such as men’s and women’s clothing, toys, home appliances, seismic, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile phones, nuts, etc. For sale. The strong presence of Iranian and international brands such as Adidas, Orsi, Reebok, Sketches, Puma, Novin Charm, etc., promises to buy quality.

One of the distinguishing features of Kourosh Amal from other shopping centers can be considered as its terrarium or glass garden, which has given a beautiful effect to the Cyrus Mobile Exchange at the northern entrance of the shopping center. Korshomal Roof Garden, both open and covered in a unique space, welcomes more than 650 people with the best food brands. Another attractive part of this shopping center can be considered as its second floor food court, which provides good moments for customers by offering a variety of pizzas, burgers, Turkish kebabs, Mexican fast food, etc.

The Cyrus Cinema Campus was opened in 2014 with 14 cinemas, which are equipped with lighting and sound equipment from Canada and chairs from France, and besides shopping, you can spend hours watching movies and having fun. Other facilities such as playground, coffee shop and restaurant, bookstore, mobile and computer exchange, Bank Mellat counter, pharmacy, car wash, hyperstar, florist, children’s house, parking, etc. are also available in Kourosh commercial complex, so that different passages and Experience the charm.

  • Phone: 02144000010
  • Address: Tehran, Shahid Sattari Highway, corner of Payambar Markazi St., Kourosh Commercial Complex

Gallery Shopping Center

Gallery Shopping Center is one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the north of Tehran in the Velenjak region, which was built in 2016 and has two parts: south (15 floors) and north (17 floors). In this shopping center, everything from bags and shoes, clothes and sleeping accessories to decorative items, cosmetics, gold and jewelry, etc. are sold. Well-known brands of this shopping center include Armani, Skechers, Inglot, Bertonix, Pirkardin, Delsi and dozens of other brands that those interested in luxury goods can enjoy hours of sightseeing in this place.

There is a wonderful restaurant in this shopping center, which hosts visitors in both indoor and outdoor sections. The food court of the Gallery Shopping Center has provided additional attraction for buyers with a variety of delicious food (Italian, Iranian, Mexican, Asian and Turkish) as well as various desserts and coffee shops. Other facilities include a gym, beauty salons, toilets and a roof garden.

One of the attractions of the Gallery Shopping Center is its large and beautiful chandelier with a length of more than 30 meters and a diameter of 2.5 meters, which is the largest handmade chandelier in the Middle East. This work of art is a work of a Dutch company that has designed it in the style of Art Deco and inspired by nature.

  • Customer Affairs Phone: 02122175040
  • Address: Tehran, Velenjak, at the end of 13th East Street, Gallery Shopping Center

Sam Center Shopping Center

Sam Center Tehran

Sam Center Shopping Center started operating in 1390 on 9 floors, and its structural view and attractive lighting during the night have made this complex look like a beautiful box. Spectacular interior architecture, wall fountains with special effects and a large lobby have given this collection a double charm.

Since all kinds of reputable foreign and domestic brands have branches in this place, quality goods are offered at a very high price, and as a result, it is a good choice for hard-core people who have a sufficient budget to buy branded goods. The top brands of perfumes, cosmetics, leather products, accessories, glasses, men’s and women’s clothing, etc. are in this center, some of which are Mont Blanc, Bvlgari and Cheruti.

Sam Center Tehran

Sam Center Shopping Center has a luxury restaurant on the top floor that offers a variety of Persian and French cuisine with a stunning view of the city to have a good time.

  • Phone: 021220117534
  • Address: Tehran, Elahieh, Fereshteh St., Sam Center Shopping Center

Rosha Shopping Center

Rosha Shopping Center is the first store without borders in Iran, where there are no separate commercial units and it is designed in the style of Store Department. This shopping center, which was opened in 2015, has seven separate departments for different goods, and without the need to enter multiple shops, visitors can compare and buy goods together.

The mall has five floors for commercial stores, one floor for restaurants and cafes and several floors for parking. There is a large and large supermarket located in this center, which you can visit to buy your daily needs. While shopping, visit the restaurants and cafes of this floor and get rid of tiredness. There is also a wonderful rooftop restaurant in the mall, which is a hangout for locals and lovers of delicious food.

Items sold in this place include cosmetics, bags and shoes, watches and jewelry, women’s clothing (all kinds of ball gowns, coats and overcoats), men’s and children’s clothing, sports equipment, complete travel sets ( Travel tents, backpacks, travel utensils, mountaineering clothes and hiking) and …. Rosha Commercial Complex, by placing all its goods and goods in the online store system, has provided the possibility of online shopping for its customers, which is a great advantage.

  • Phone: 02125714420
  • Address: Tehran, Niavaran, the intersection of Ammar and Farmanieh streets, Rosha Shopping Center

Lavasan Sky Center Shopping Center

Sky Center Shopping Center is one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the north of Tehran in the pleasant climate of Lavasan, which with its luxurious architecture and stylish decorations, beautiful and high ceilings and magnificent columns, dazzles the eyes of every visitor.

This complex was opened in 1394 in 9 floors and includes various sections for sightseeing and shopping; Especially when walking in the corridor of the first floor, the view of Latian Dam or the green nature of Lavasan is in front of you. There are a variety of furniture, carpets, dining and honeycomb tables, clothes, jewelry and… from reputable brands in this collection. Hypermarket, bookstore, very luxurious hall, numerous restaurants with delicious and quality food, multi-storey car park, etc. are other parts of this shopping center.

  • Phone: 02126564940
  • Address: Sky Center Shopping Center, Golha St., Imam Khomeini Blvd., Lavasan, Tehran

Elahieh Modern Shopping Center

Elahieh Modern Office Commercial Complex was opened in 1390, two floors of which are dedicated to 40 commercial units. If you are looking for goods such as men’s and women’s clothing, cosmetics, bags and shoes, perfumes and sports equipment from famous brands, this shopping center can meet your needs.

There are a number of boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants and coffee shops on the fifth floor of the center where you can buy tasty drinks and food while enjoying. Private parking, meeting room, free internet and toilet are other facilities of this complex.

  • Phone: 02122037029
  • Address: Tehran, North Africa Street, opposite Golnar Alley, Elahieh Modern Business Center

Atlas of property

Atlas Mall is one of the newest shopping centers in the capital, adjacent to Niavaran Park, which has eight office floors, four commercial floors, six parking floors and a food court floor. Creating green spaces with waterfalls, panoramic elevators, optimal use of solar energy and being located next to Niavaran Park with a great view, are some of the attractions of this shopping center. In addition, the presence of the roof garden (roof garden) has given it a special visual beauty and, like insulation, prevents energy loss throughout the year.

To buy all kinds of clothes, bags and shoes, sanitary ware, jewelry, etc., you can go to this shopping center, which has all your amenities thanks to the existence of rest stations with comfortable furniture, escalators, numerous coffee shops and toilets.

  • Phone: 02122810199
  • Address: Tehran, Pasdaran St., south side of Niavaran Park, Atlas Mall

Opal Shopping Center

Saadatabad Opal Shopping Center

Opal shopping center with 23 floors was built on a land with an area of ​​more than 7,000 square meters, of which 9 floors are underground and the rest are above ground. This center has become a destination for those interested in shopping and shopping due to the variety of stylish and beautiful products and shops; Especially that in addition to shopping, you can enjoy its entertainment facilities such as cinema, bowling alley and billiards. The food court and luxury restaurants of this complex are also an ideal opportunity to eat delicious food.

Home appliances, gold, watch exchange, wedding dress, evening dress, groom dress, mirror and candlestick, new clothes and clothing exchange, smartphones, computers, laptops, computer games and audio and video accessories are among the items that are available in Opal Shopping Center. They are for sale. The facilities of this complex include a private room for “father and child” and “mother and child”, a car wash, a hypermarket and a seven-storey car park.

  • Phone: 0212217070
  • Address: Tehran, Gharb Town, Farahzadi Blvd., Book Square, Koohestan Blvd., Opal Commercial Center
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