GhostWire: Tokyo is likely to be released in the next few months


Ghostwire Tokyo’s game in Korea received an age rating so that gamers can prepare themselves for possible new news of this work.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new creature of the Japanese studio Tango Gameworks that is under surveillance Shinji Mikami That is, the creator of the Resident Evil game series is advancing its development stages, now in the final stages Game News Received an age rating of “over 15” in Korea’s age rating system.

In recent years in the gaming industry, assigning an age rating to a work in different countries usually means that the product is probably being prepared for release or at least has some new news for fans soon. Now that Ghostwire Tokyo’s game in Korea has been classified as Sunni, we can expect to see the release of new information and news about this expected work in the coming days or months. Maybe Shinji Mikami will announce the exact release date of this exclusive Sony PS5 console game soon.

In the game of Ghostwire Tokyo, an unexpected event caused the disappearance of about 99% of the population of Tokyo. Monsters and ghosts of Japanese folk tales now rule the city, and it is the gamer’s job to uncover the secrets of the ghost invasion and the disappearance of the city’s people by taking on a series of supernatural powers. Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC in the spring of 2022.

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