Girl category movie review Weak drama in the heart of a spectacular performance


The group of girls directed by Munir Qidi is one of the films present at this year’s Fajr Festival. A work that, with its weak drama and faint characters, marginalizes its good special effects and engaging warlike actions.

Dastan Dokhtar is Munir Gheidi’s second feature film. This movie has a good war action and it has done an excellent job in creating the atmosphere. Nikki Karimi, who plays the sole role of commanding the girls’ group, has presented one of her not-so-good games, which is most enjoyed in her uncooked southern accent.

In terms of direction, sound, field and visual special effects, this film has been able to meet the expectations of a sacred defense cinema audience, so that the viewer can fully feel himself in that space and accept its visual impact. But what makes the girls’ group unsustainable is the poor script, which naturally leads to the creation of a not-so-powerful plot that can not keep the viewer with them until the end.

The following are parts of the story of the group of girls

Soldier shouting in the movie Girls

In the midst of the Iraqi invasion of Khorramshahr and the lack of weapons and ammunition, a number of women form a group to reach the army fortress and bring weapons and ammunition into the city from there. The war has always had unspoken and darker angles than what we have seen in the works of this genre, layers that have been ignored in most films of this genre. Most of the group’s films are caught in a strange and repetitive series that take the audience to the front lines and involve them in heroic and man-centered battles.

Women are the main focus of the film, and men somehow play the role of anti-heroes who prevent the heroism of this overlooked category in the films of the Holy Defense.

In these works, women, their resistances and the calamities that befell them were often ignored or had a faint image of them. The Girl Scout is a work that distances itself from the traditional elements of the genre and enters another layer of war. Women are the main focus of the film, and men somehow play the role of anti-heroes who prevent the ignorance of this category in the films of the Holy Defense. The film centers on four women, four heroes with different temperaments who, like men, seek influence in war.

The four female characters of the story pursue the creation of dramatic and layered arrangements, which, due to their weakness, diminish and come to a standstill due to their weakness in producing a story-driven work. The two characters Vajihe and Simin are among the most different characters in the sacred defense, who, if they had inserted their deep layers into the drama of the film in their dramatic way, would have had a better drama structure and the audience’s mind would have been more affected. Simin does not cover her hair like the rest of her hair, her movements are not like other veiled women. Vajiha also likes to smoke and that he commands others to be famous and does not go to impurity.

Persian and English logo for girls

If we want to have a deep look at the characters in the story of the girls, we can not look at them as heroes of epics and sacred defense, because these characters are not in the path of dramatic heroic actions and the director in his low drama has never tried to put them in robes. Put archetypes of active personality.

Hence, they soon leave the audience and the viewer does not remember any of the 4 female characters in the girls’ group after watching the film. The audience is usually looking for a hero in war, epic, action, etc. films, a hero who can live in the literature of these films for a long time and achieve important goals. But not only are these four women not bold in their goal path, but they still do not know which way to go until the 45th minute of the film.

The biggest weakness and flaw of the girls can be found in her screenplay. Due to the type of literature and the geography of its formation, this film needs more turning points and peaks to be able to define a good epic story. The missing goal in the story is an issue that bothers the viewer greatly. By the middle of the film, the viewer sees only 4 wandering characters who are lost in finding their integrated and regular goal or do not even talk about it at all; When they find their destination and decide to go to Khorramshahr Fortress, the script revolves around it and absorbs so many details that bringing ammunition from the Army Fortress is pushed to the sidelines and we think of the main route somewhere else.

Powerful action and war scenes have surpassed drama. The footsteps of this glamorous graphic lightning and huge explosions can not move, and the audience only has to entertain themselves with the visual charms of the show and seek out visual documentation. In fact, the director wanted to cover the weaknesses of the script with the form of his work and show the weight of his work to the viewer, which, of course, he succeeded in some places, because the viewer can not forget this good war production after the end of the film.

Press conference at the Fajr Festival of the group of girls

In addition to the good form of the girls, the film’s different view of the 34-day resistance in Khorramshahr is reflected. The director does not go to the front line and does not try to put the viewer in front of solitary battles. The film plunges into inflammatory situations, when Khorramshahr is besieged and medicine and ammunition are not seized and people are killed defenselessly, buried anonymously. The film tries to bring the viewer closer to the war from other angles and portray its lesser-paid issues.

In addition to the good form of the girls, the film’s different view of the 34-day resistance in Khorramshahr is reflected in

The fear of people fleeing from Khorramshahr, lack of forces, weapons and medicine, anonymous martyrs, shroudless burials, etc. are inflammatory parts and real situations of the film that are next to the main goal of the protagonists in the work. A preparation that is both a trump card for the film and its weakness! Because it inadvertently created a path for the film and the characters to deviate, something that disrupted the structure. The girls’ group has a good idea, an initial idea that wants to bring the sacred defense genre closer to real situations and make heroes more ordinary, a goal that fails to pay off and leaves the viewer frustrated, which can be a good development for these works. Requires more worrying payment.

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