God of War game achieves more than 60,000 players simultaneously


The PC version of God of War broke the record for the number of simultaneous players on each PlayStation game on Steam less than 24 hours after its release.

According to SteamDB, PlayStation PC games released on Steam have reached 5,557 simultaneous players at best; The record belongs to Horizon Zero Dawn. But now the god of war has managed to break the record. At the time of writing, God of War has reached 60,403 simultaneous players on Steam. Do not forget that the PC version of PlayStation Studios games is also sold in the Epic Games Store; While Epic Games digital store gamers are naturally not counted in the statistics of “Steam simultaneous players”.

For comparison with Horizon and God of War, you should know that Days Gone on Steam reached 27,450 simultaneous players. Meanwhile, regardless of the large number of 60,403 simultaneous players for each single-player story, it should be remembered that God of War was released on PC almost 4 years after its release for the PlayStation 4.

Snake of the World vs. Kritos in the PC version of God of War in 2018

The PC version of God of War was made in about two years by Jetpack Interactive Studios under the supervision of Santa Monica Studios. The creators have performed well in providing the PC version worthy of the attention of respected PC gamers. Eurogamer’s digital media team is so pleased with the quality of this port that in the technical review, it praises it with attributes such as “magnificent” and “exhilarating”.

Steam is a very large platform for experiencing video games, and according to the latest game news, it was able to reach a record of more than 28 million active users simultaneously. As a result, Sony Interactive Entertainment is delighted to be a part of PlayStation PC LLC in providing video games to this large community of players and making them more familiar with its collections.

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