God of War is still at the top of the sales chart


In the third week of 2022, God of War topped the weekly sales chart of the Steam Store to set a new record.

In the latest game news, we learned that Sony’s God of War game in the third week of 2022, which ends on January 23, 2022 (February 3, 1400), still remains in the first place of the best-selling game of the week in the Steam store. This is the first PlayStation game to top the weekly Steam sales chart in the first two weeks of release. This week, Monster Hunter Rise remained in second place, and Ready or Not reached third place with one step up. The bestseller of Dying Light 2 has also changed his position from the eighth to the fourth position.

In the third week of 2022, the Elden Ring bestseller remained in fifth place in Volvo’s digital store weekly sales, and the Total War: Warhammer III bestseller joined the top 10 bestsellers of the week, ranking sixth. Project Zomboid is still in seventh place, and the Valve Index VR Kit bundle fell eight places to eighth. Warm Snow came in ninth and Red Dead Redemption 2 came in tenth best-selling Steam. You can see the position of each game in the sales table of the third week of Steam below.

  • First rank: God of War game (product of 2018)
  • Second place: Game Monster Hunter Rise
  • Third place: Ready or Not
  • Fourth place: Dying Light 2 game (pre-sale)
  • Fifth place: Elden Ring game (pre-seller)
  • Sixth place: Total War: Warhammer III game (pre-sale)
  • Seventh place: Game Project Zomboid
  • Eighth place: Bundle Valve Index VR Kit
  • Ninth place: Warm Snow
  • Tenth rank: Game Red Dead Redemption 2

Each product is ranked in the Steam Store sales chart based on revenue, which includes the amount of hardware sales and pre-sales of works. PlayStation Studios works are sold on Steam under the PlayStation PC brand.

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