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Best Google photos Alternative in 2021

Google Photos is the most popular cloud storage service for images and videos, But soon users will have to pay for a large part of it. That’s why we have collected the 6 best Google photos Alternative, I hope they will be helpful. If you have any other Google photos Alternative besides this list, let us know.

Google Photos is a popular cloud storage service for backing up images and videos. it was Launched for the first time in 2015, Google Photos quickly became one of the most popular cloud storage services for images and videos. More than one billion people use the service for reasons such as ease of use, outstanding features, and exceptional value; But the question is, is there an alternative to Google Photos?

The service was launched in 2015 and has since grown significantly to more than one billion users worldwide. Google Photos has been named the most cost-effective cloud storage service for the past five years. Since its launch, the service has provided unlimited storage of images and videos at no cost.

With Google Photos you can upload your pictures and videos to the cloud. You can always see your pictures and videos by accessing the Google Photos app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Another outstanding feature of Google Photos is the ability to search for a specific image or video using the powerful search function. You can use this application to send pictures, videos, and albums to your favorite audience quickly and easily. Google Photos also offers a wide range of smart editing tools and filters.

Changes will be applied to Google Photos soon. The service will provide users with only 15 GB of free cloud storage for images and videos from 2021, and users will have to pay a fee to increase this volume, although this is not good news for older Google Photos users, as the service is currently completely free. Given the monetization of Google Photos in the near future, it can be compared with other competitors. This article introduces five examples of the best alternatives to Google Photos.

Best Google photos Alternative in 2021

1. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a prominent storage application that provides users with unlimited image memory and 5 GB of video memory. On the other hand, non-paid users can enjoy 5 GB of video and video memory.

By downloading the Amazon Photos app, you can use it for automatic storage and backup of images and video stored on the device. This way you can save memory and recover content in case of damage to the device. Paid members not only get more memory in Amazon Photos, but also benefits from unlimited memory for up to five family members and fast image search based on word search items, positions and names.

With Amazon Photos you can display your pictures and videos on all devices. If you wish, you can share the images via text message, email and supported applications.


  • Outstanding benefits for paid users
  • Advanced and powerful search capability


  • Non-monetary members have few opportunities

2. iDrive

iDrive is a great option for organizing video collections online. If you do not have much money to invest in an image storage application, you can use the free version of iDrive. This service provides the user with five gigabytes of space, which is suitable for non-bulky information and images.

If the initial volume is not right for you, you can increase your volume to 5 terabytes by paying an annual fee of $ 12.52, and get a volume of ten terabytes by paying $ 74.62. In the paid account you can upload and save your images from all devices. The great thing about iDrive is the outstanding and useful features it provides to photographers. For example, you can use the Auto Camera feature to back up your device’s images and videos automatically.

The iDrive service has face recognition capabilities and can automatically organize your images and sync them between a wide range of connected devices. Even if the data is erased, you can use the iDrive Express feature to access the hard drive containing backup images and videos.


  • Have a free version
  • Multiple storage options
  • Auto Camera feature


  • It is not the most economical service

3. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

If you are a professional photographer looking for a more advanced alternative to Google Photos, you can use Adobe Creative Cloud Photography. It costs $ 9.99 a month and provides photographers with access to the best Adobe Cloud cloud services. With Lightroom, you can edit your images on mobile, desktop and web software. After editing, the images are automatically saved in the cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography comes with Adobe Photoshop for desktops and iPads, which allow you to edit images. In addition to these outstanding features, you get 20 GB of cloud storage. According to Adobe, this memory is enough to support 4,000 JPEG images.


  • High value for money
  • Lightroom and Photoshop software in one package
  • High memory


  • Not everyone needs editing tools
Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

4. pCloud

What sets pCloud apart from other alternatives to Google Photos is the provision of a permanent subscription. As a result, you can access this platform forever with just one payment. The lowest cost permanent subscription to the pCloud service is $ 175 with 500 GB; But if this amount is not enough for you, you can get a volume of two terabytes for $ 350. If you do not want to pay the whole cost in one place, you can use the annual plans of this service.

pCloud, like iDrive, automatically uploads images and videos to the cloud. You can use pCloud to automatically sync all devices. If you save images to Internet services such as DropBox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive and Google Drive, you can back them up via pCloud. pCloud has outstanding performance in terms of security and all files stored on this platform have 256-bit encryption. The service offers a complete set of file management tools including file copying, data recovery and remote uploading.


  • Subscription for life
  • Support for social networks
  • High safety


  • No plugin services
  • No document editor
Google photos Alternative

5. NordLocker

Nord Security is best known for its virtual private networks; But now it offers a powerful alternative to Google Photos. NordLocker lets you upload images and videos to the cloud. In this section, you can protect your images with end-to-end encryption. In addition to high security, this service is easy to use and allows you to back up images with simple drag and drop.

All you need to do to access images and videos is sign in to your NordLocker account on Windows or Mac. Thanks to the automatic backup feature, you can easily recover valuable images and videos if the device is broken or lost. NordLocker provides secure file sharing, which allows access to one of the encryption folders (such as a locker) and sends files securely. NordLocker has a free version with 3 GB of cloud storage. Of course, this space is not enough, and you can get 500 GB of cloud storage for an annual fee of $ 47.88 or $ 3.99 per month.


  • High safety
  • Free version
  • Cost-effective advanced version


  • Currently only available on Windows and Mac
Google photos Alternative

6. Flickr

Flickr’s US video and video platform allows you to store 1,000 images and videos at no cost; But instead, you have to deal with in-app ads so that Flickr makes money in return for the generous offer of free cloud storage.

If you have more than 1000 images and videos, you must use a paid account. With a monthly plan of $ 6.99, you can access benefits such as unlimited memory, no ads, and much more. Flickr’s main attraction is the flawless organization of images, which can be public or private. By setting your Flickr account to the public, other photographers can follow you and comment on your work.

Google photos Alternative

When does Google Photos end unlimited free service?

Google was originally scheduled to end the Google Photos unlimited storage service in November 2020; But at the time, he announced that the decision had been postponed until June 1, 2021. With these changes in place this summer, all images and videos you upload to the Google Photos app will be limited to 15GB of storage on various online services. These include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and other Google applications. Fortunately, you can still use Google Photos as before. In this way, high-quality images and videos that are uploaded to this application from today until June 1, do not consume 15 GB of memory.

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