GTA 6 likely to be released in 2023


Two financial institutions have concluded that GTA 6 will be released in 2023 based on one of the predictions of Tik-To executives.

We know that Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, is going to buy Zynga, the maker of mobile games, for $ 12.7 billion. Tik-Tu said at the time of the announcement that it expects to achieve 14% annual financial growth over the next three years (until the end of fiscal 2024). Now the New York-based Jefferies Financial Institution has analyzed this tick-tock forecast and come up with an interesting conclusion.

Jefferies says there are only a handful of specific IPs that can make tick-tock managers confident that such growth awaits them. The firm believes that if Tick-To is to grow at an annual rate of 14%, at least one Rockstar Games game must be released in fiscal year 2024; The year begins in April 2023 (April 1402) and ends in March 2024 (April 1403).

On the other hand, an analyst at Cowen Financial Institution says that Tik-Tu should earn about $ 9 billion at that time to achieve 14% annual growth in 2024, and according to this analyst, no game other than GTA 6 can do that. Make money on Tik-To, which means the much-anticipated game will likely be released in fiscal year 2024 (year 2023 or solar year 1402).

Unofficial GTA Poster 6

These analyzes can be considered in line with reports that Rockstar probably intends to release GTA 6 in 2023. Of course Tom Henderson Earlier this July, he claimed that the latest version of GTA might not be available to fans until 2025. It is also worth mentioning that GTA 5 was released in September 2013, so Rockstar may maintain this release period for the next game in the series and release GTA 6 in September 2023.

A few months ago, a report was published describing the development of GTA VI as “chaotic.” This could mean that GTA 6 development process may not go according to plan and developers will have to delay its release date. Obstacles to building GTA 6 are something that even financial analysts cannot predict correctly. Therefore, it is best to keep in mind, as always, that these unofficial analyzes and reports can not confirm the definitive release date of GTA 6, and we will have to wait for the official announcement of Rockstar Games and Tick-To to find out.

What do Zomji users think about these analyzes? Do you think we should wait for the release of GTA 6 in 2023? Share your comments with us.

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