Guide to buying the best mechanical keyboard with different budgets


In this article, we introduce the best mechanical keyboards available in the Iranian market for different price categories.

If you ask PC gamers what one of their most important tools is when experiencing gaming, you will most likely get an answer like “keyboard and mouse”. These two tools are the most important tools of a PC gamer, which is why many PC gamers prefer to experience their games, especially first-person shooter games, on PC and avoid playing them on the console.

In recent years, the technology used in gaming keyboards has advanced a lot, and various companies are trying to produce a variety of products with new innovations that can help gamers succeed in winning their games. In this article, we have tried to introduce keyboards that can be easily found in the Iranian market and can meet the needs of gamers to a large extent. In this article, we have tried to introduce high-end keyboards that are mechanical and have many features, and to have a look at the economical keyboards, which can give a very beautiful appearance to the gamers’ computer stand, and also show good performance in games. .

Guide to buying the best mechanical keyboard

Logitech G915 keyboard for gaming

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard G915 Logitech is one of the best gaming products in this category, which has been able to overcome one of the weaknesses.Overcoming old-fashioned gaming products means delaying wireless communication. The model also uses low-profile, low-end laptop-like mechanical switches made by Kailh. These keys can be selected in three types of clicks, text and line for this keyboard.

The wireless connection of this keyboard works well with the help of Logitech Lightspeed technology and is no different from a wired connection. The battery life of this keyboard is long and it will last 30 hours at maximum key brightness. When the background light is off or off, you can use this keyboard for many days and even months without the need for charging, which is rare. It is also possible to connect via Bluetooth in this model, which despite the increase in communication delay, it can also be used to connect to mobile phones and tablets. To switch from wireless connection with the help of a dedicated dongle and Bluetooth connection, a special key has been considered, which makes connecting this keyboard to various devices easy and painless. In terms of build quality, this keyboard also has an aluminum alloy body, and in terms of RGB lighting features, each key can be individually changed color and customized through the Logitech G Hub software. Dedicated volume control key with roller design in the upper right corner and five dedicated macro definition keys for combination keys on the left are also not forgotten in this model.

Gaming and Mechanical Razor V Pro keyboard

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Keyboard

This Razer product is a full-height keyboard with a section num-pad And in two modes of wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth Works. Dedicated switches for making razors are used in this model, which can be in two types of clicks / textiles and Linear Or low volume, respectively with the keys Razer Green And Razer Yellow Selected and prepared. Battery life is high in this model and the experience of both typing and gaming processes will be very pleasant for the user. The relevant software is very powerful for customizing the lighting and keyboard capabilities and provides many possibilities.

Logitech G910

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard

What do you want from a gaming keyboard? Mechanical keys? Ability to customize the color of each key? A place to put your mobile to see more information about your game? Programmable buttons? Beautiful appearance? Logitech’s G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard incorporates all of these and even more features. This keyboard is one of the highest keyboards for Logitech gaming. The G910 Orion Spectrum uses special Logitech mechanical keys called the Romer-G. Keys that have performed very well in various reviews. In addition to all the features mentioned above, various keys for controlling multimedia content as well as support for LightSync technology are other features of this high-end and expensive keyboard. This keyboard is all that a gamer can expect from a gaming keyboard.

Blackwidow Elite Razer Keyboard Poster

Blackwidow Elite Razor Keyboard

Here, however, we have gone to another well-known and well-known brand of gaming equipment, namely Razer. If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard the name Razer, especially the company’s Blackwidow keyboards. This high-end keyboard, now available in the market with Yellow and Orange switches, is another great choice for gamers. In addition to the mechanical keys, the stunning appearance, RGB exposure, multimedia content control keys, and detachable, soft-textured hand rest can keep gamers busy for hours on end. The built-in USB port on the keyboard allows you to connect your peripherals directly to it. Headphone jack input also makes cable management easy. Put all these cool features along with things like storing different profiles on the cloud and resisting the ingress of dust and liquids to see why this keyboard has the potential to become a hidden weapon for gamers.

ROG Strix Flare gaming keyboard

Asus ROG Strix Flare Keyboard

ROG Strix is ​​a great assistant who can help you excel in games and gain the perfect experience for the long haul. The design of the Asus ROG Strix Flare with Cherry MX switches is simple, it does everything you would expect from a great gaming keyboard, and gives you a few extra features. You can choose between red (silent), blue (click), silver (less travel) and brown switches. Above the Function keys you will find some functional media controls, including an embossed volume roller, as well as buttons to lock the Windows key and turn off the keyboard light. There is also a handheld and software setting for this RGB keyboard, which makes it easier to work with the keyboard and customize the keys for a long time.

Logitech G Pro X keyboard for gaming

Logitech keyboard G Pro X

One of the best mid-range gaming models on the market is this model, which is not very expensive, but it is high quality and has most of the features of a professional-grade keyboard. Different capabilities Logitech G Pro X Compared to similar models, the switch of each key can be easily removed with the help of special tools and replaced with another desired switch. A set of brown, red and blue keys are selectable on this keyboard and the backlight RGB It can also be customized through the relevant software. For example, you can move the WASD keys with a series of softer red switches to get better speed and movement in games..

Keyboard SK621 Cooler Master

Master Cooler Keyboard Model SK621

A compact keyboard from the Cooler Master brand that can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or can be connected to a PC with a USB Type-C cable. This mechanical keyboard is 60% larger than a regular mechanical keyboard. Although the small size of the keyboard may not initially make it a good option for gaming, if you have limited space or want a keyboard that connects to multiple devices at the same time, the SK621 is one of the many options. It counts for you. Backlighting and the use of new, small red mechanical keys from Cherry make the SK621 keyboard a tool to meet a variety of needs. You can connect it directly to the PC to play, and work wirelessly with the SK621 when you want to use it to control other devices. This keyboard is a special and attractive product that may not be given the attribute of “gaming”, but it is a very suitable product for people who want a keyboard that meets different needs.

Redgon k551 keyboard

Redragon K551 RGB keyboard

It is one of the most common low-cost and low-end keyboards on the market, which also includes various switches. From the series of blue click switches to brown and low red textiles are used in this model and can be selected. The keyboard chassis is made of aluminum and is strong, and if the above-mentioned models do not fit into your purchase budget for any reason, you can consider this product as a last resort, suitable for gaming and text typing. But you probably should not expect high durability or quality and professional mobile software from this product category.

Repo v500 pro keyboard

Repo keyboard model V500 Pro

A low-end mechanical keyboard from Repo, a brand that has been trying to keep customers satisfied for some time by manufacturing and offering affordable products. In addition to the use of mechanical keys, the V500 Pro also has a background exposure and can be adjusted to your liking. The V500 Pro connects to a PC via a 180 cm USB cable. Although the keyboard lacks features such as buttons for controlling multimedia content or programmable keys, this product can be considered a good economic choice for those looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard. Contrary to the appearance of the V500 Pro, it is said that this keyboard is also resistant to liquids.

Describe the structure of mechanical switches and their function

The use of mechanical keys on a keyboard has certain advantages and differences over conventional plastic models, including greater durability and higher sensitivity. In addition, the switch of these keys uses a spring, and in some types, the feedback of pressing the keys or the same action Click, It is accompanied by a different sound and creates a feeling that is not induced in ordinary keyboards, and this originates from the structure of this type of keys. The main and most effective quality indicator in a mechanical keyboard is the type and model of micro-switches used in it. For example, the use of CHERRY MX switches made by Cherry Corp or ZF Electronics, a German company, is very common in high-end gaming keyboards, because they have high build quality and durability. The feature of the company’s switches is distinguished by the different colors of these models. cherry-mx-redFor example, the red model of the Chery MX switch is one of the types that has a softer spring and produces less noise and is more used in gaming keyboards. Also, unlike the blue and green types of CHERRY MX microswitches, it has a structure that does not create a clicking feeling and that special sound. You can see the difference between the red, brown and blue switches in the pictures below.

Types of Chery switches and the difference in their function when pressed

The excitation or operation distance of these switches is only 2 mm, which means that a key does not need to be fully depressed to operate, and only a 2 mm lowering of the switch ensures that it works properly. The distance from the key to the end is 4 mm. The force required to press the key is only 45 grams. The manufacturer claims that the life of these keys will cover more than 50 million times pressed.

What do you think about the list of suggested Zomji keyboards? Keep in mind that in this list we have tried to introduce products that are easily available in the Iranian market. This list will also be updated with the introduction of new products and their availability.

common questions

1. What are the best mechanical keyboards on the market?

Among the best mechanical keyboards in the Iranian market, we can mention G915 LIGHTSPEED and G910 Orion Spectrum from Logitech and Blackwidow Elite from Razer company. You can read the full list of the best mechanical keyboards on the market in Zomji.

2- What are the best cheap mechanical keyboards in Iran?

Among the cheap mechanical keyboards in the Iranian market that have a high user value, we can mention VP00 Pro from Repo and K551 RGB from Redragon.

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