HBO network Euphoria extended for a third season


HBO has confirmed that the story of Ro Bennett will continue with the third season of Euphoria.

In the latest movie and TV news, HBO recently confirmed that the third season of the Euphoria series (starring) starring actors such as Zindia And Hunter Schaefer Will be produced. The second season of the series is currently airing, and the eighth and final episode is scheduled to air on February 27th.

Euphoria follows the adventures of a group of high school students and addresses issues such as addiction, friendship, identity and trauma. The series follows the adventures of a 17-year-old girl named Row Bennett, who is addicted to drugs and is coping with the death of her father. جولزBennett’s best friend and فزکو, A local drug dealer with whom he has a close relationship, are some of the main characters in the Euphoria series. In this series, Ro Bennett tells the life story of his other classmates such as Maddie Perez, Nate Jacobs, Kat Hernandez and someone Howard.

Zandia, Apato mode، Angus Cloud، Eric Dean، Alexa Dimi، جیکوب الوردی، Barbie Ferreira، Nika King، Storm Reed، Hunter Schaefer، Alji Smith، Sydney Swain، Austin Abrams، Coleman Domingo، لوکاس گیج، Alana Obak، Elpidia Cario، Shiloh Fernandez، نیک بلود، Paula Marshall And John Als, Are among the actors who play roles in the series Euphoria. This drama by Sam LevinsonThe director of Another Happy Day and Malcolm and Marie, has been created, and the HB network is working with E24 to produce it.

Euphoria deals with the lives of a large group of characters and often narrates various adventures related to them in the main story. The series was launched in June 2019, and its second season, which was postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, finally aired with a lot of noise last month. The second season of Euphoria has had more than 14 million viewers on all platforms, according to the network. That’s more than double the number of viewers in the first season, which averaged 6.6 million viewers per episode.

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