Hidataka Miyazaki chose his favorite bass fighter


In a post on the PlayStation’s official blog, Hidataka Miyazaki chose her favorite among the frames of Framasoft Studio’s works.

Recently and during the latest game news, Hidtaka Miyazaki He has chosen his beloved battle from among the amenities of the works of the Farasoftour team. The Japanese game developer, who gained considerable popularity among fans of the Eighth Art with his production of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series, had an exclusive interview with the official PlayStation blog a few days ago. In the new article on the site, he has chosen the battle with Old Monk from Demon’s Souls as his favorite feature. Miyazaki says of his choice:

“I tried to put my ideas about this battle into the game, both visually and in terms of gameplay; Among the ideas related to Elman Multiplayer. Both technically and in terms of how fanatical the fight was for the audience, we received negative reactions, and no one believed in my idea of ​​fighting Old Monk. In the end, however, we were able to overcome the challenges and create an exciting battle; A fight that I think the fans liked too. “I think our efforts to address the design challenges of this struggle have led us to produce products that we are proud of.”

Battle with Old Monk in Demon's Souls

As we approach the release date of Elden Ring, the latest work from the FramSoft team, a special PlayStation blog post has asked Sony’s leading game developers about the most attractive feature of the FramSoft works. Apart from them, Hidataka Miyazaki, who is considered the head of the studio, chose to fight Old Monk from the game of Dimens Souls; A battle that is not like some of the great battles of the Souls games.

In this battle, Old Monk, by appearing in Black Phantom (another player from another world), arranges a special fight and actually works to get another gamer to fight for him. In this battle, we have to eliminate another player instead of facing Old Monk. In this battle, which we have never seen before in other Framework products, the gamer’s skills for fighting another player (PvP battles) are measured. It can be said that the battle with Old Monk helped shape mechanisms such as the Invade system in the DarkSouls series of games and later Framework products.

An image of the Old Monk boss in Demon's Souls

As I said, in addition to Miyazaki, Sony’s interactive entertainment game makers have also chosen their favorite extras from gaming, including names like Nameless King, confrontation with Great Gray Wolf Sif, fight with Dragonslayer Ornough, and of course Executioner. make.

what is your opinion? Which of Miyazaki’s most popular features do you like the most? Write your comment for Zomji.

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