Hidataka Miyazaki: The Elden Ring is very close to my ideal game


Hidataka Miyazaki says that Alden Ring’s abundant freedom of action and world-openness have brought the work very close to his “ideal game.”

FromSoftware Studio has been producing amazing works for a long time. That’s why any new game made by this developer is exciting for its fans. But what sets Elden Ring apart from other Framework Studio games is its introduction as an open-world game. In fact, according to himHidtaka Miyazaki, Director Alden Ring and head of FramSoft, the world-openness of Elden Ring is exactly what enhances the level of experience.

He explained in a recent interview with EDGE magazine that since the game was made by him, he will probably not experience Alden Ring. But he believes that if he experienced Elden Ring, it would be an experience close to his ideal game.

“I will probably not play Alden Ring,” Miyazaki said. Because I made this game myself. This (not experiencing my games) is somehow my personal law. [چون به‌عنوان سازنده] You will not experience any of the obscure points of the game as a new player does. As I said before, my gaming experience does not make me feel like playing. “But if I played Alden Ring, then it would be close to the ideal game I want.”

One of the bases of the game Elden Ring

The reason Miyazaki sees Alden Ring as so close to his ideal game is the practical freedom that the Alden Ring world-open world brings. “With this view,” he said [ساخت الدن رینگ] I did not go on to say that Elden Ring is the kind of open-world game I want to make. But only [می‌دانم] Having an open world enriches the ideal experience I am trying to achieve.

For example, if I want to explore this world, I want a map; Appropriate map. If I see something somewhere, I would like to be able to really go there and explore. I also want to fight a dragon in an epic arena. Things like this are actually simple things. But playing Alden Ring allows most of this to become a reality for me; “To create an experience that is very close to my ideal game.”

Elden Ring game on February 25 (March 6) for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | Available for Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC.

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