Hideo Kojima is making a great and popular game


Hideo Kojima wants to make two games, one of which is supposed to be “a big, AAA work that everyone will want to experience.”

Unofficial reports suggest that the next game Hideo Kojima And Kojima Productions is actually a new version of an old collection. Of course, we know that we will have to wait until the official unveiling of this game to confirm this. To make it harder for fans to wait, Kojima recently appeared on Japan’s NHK radio and talked about his current projects, one of which is “a great AAA game that everyone will want to experience.”

The old game maker also mentioned that he wants to make another game that will not be open world or shooter style. In addition, the new branch of Kojima Productions, based in Los Angeles, is set to work on film and anime production. While the Japanese studio is currently in need of more manpower, it is struggling to hire foreigners due to restrictions imposed by the Corona epidemic.

Logo of Kojima Productions / Kojima Productions

For some time now, Kojima’s next game has been the subject of rumors. For example, one of the rumors says that Kojima Productions is going to make an exclusive game for Xbox that will make great use of the technologies used in cloud platforms and will be published by Microsoft. In this regard, it was reported some time ago that Kim Swift, A key member of Portal’s development team, has joined the Xbox as chief executive of the cloud gaming service, possibly to help Kojima build the game.

It remains to be seen whether this AAA game is actually the project that Kojima is rumored to be developing for the Xbox. According to rumors, there is another possibility that Kojima is working on a new Silent Hill, and Sony will provide funding for its construction. It was recently reported that Kojima will begin work on a “radical” project this year, and it is not yet clear whether this project is going to be Kojima’s AAA game or the more compelling effect it intends to make.

What do Zomji users think about Hideo Kojima’s next games? Are you waiting for their unveiling? Share your comments with us.

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