Hideo Kojima is making two games


Hideo Kojima said in an interview with Famitsu that he is working on a big game and a challenging project.

Based on a short and fresh conversation Hideo Kojima According to the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the director of Death Stranding and Metal Gear seems to be making two games. He considered one of them a great work and the other a new challenging work. Famitsu really wanted to know what dreams and ideas the famous Japanese game makers are entering in 2022.

“Pursuing a new generation of systems,” said the creator of the horror game PT [بازی] I’m up to the studio’s work rhythm as flexible, fast and full of connection as before the Corona era [اعضای تیم با یکدیگر] Be ». “A great work and a new challenging work,” he said in a brief response to the new reports. In addition [ساخت بازی‌ها], We want to turn this year into a time when we do things other than playmaking; “Let’s move on to a future in which the dividing lines of different hobbies are blurred.”

The new Kojima Productions branch was recently established in Los Angeles to focus more on cinema, television and music. As a result, Kojima’s mention of the expansion of the company’s activities after mentioning the first two projects leaves many no longer doubt that Kojima Productions is in the process of making two games; A great game and a new game, the creation of which is supposed to be a special challenge for Hideo Kojima and his team.

Meaningful look of Hideo Kojima, director of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid, at the camera in black and white

When Famitsu asked Kojima what gamers should expect to see in 2022, he replied that this year will see serious changes in the streaming entertainment industry. He says the change will affect the construction of works and the commercial models they offer. According to the creator of Metal Gear Solid, in 2022 these changes will be clearly seen.

For months now, reports have been circulating that Hideo Kojima is building a stream-based, online cloud-based game for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Meanwhile, rumors were circulating that Death Stranding 2 might be made, and Gematsu media claimed that Kojima was making a new Silent Hill game. Nothing is clear yet. But Kojima’s new interview with Famitsu suggests that the two rumors may be true and do not contradict each other. In any case, you have to wait until the official game news is published.

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