Hiring Nate Dogg extensively to work on several different PS5 games


According to Neil Drakeman’s recent tweet, Nate Dogg Studios is currently working on three different projects.

Nate Dogg Studios, the creator of The Last Of Us Part 2, announced in a tweet that it is recruiting 68 jobs in several different PlayStation 5 games. Neil Drakeman“We’re growing! Come join us and join us [توسعه‌ی بازی‌ها] “Work.” This outstanding director of Three different emojis in your tweet He used it to refer to projects under construction, which probably refer to the studio’s three upcoming games. Of course, this has not been confirmed yet, and it may be a joke.

Neil Drakeman announced last year that Nate Dogg Studios is producing a number of games that can be speculated about. To begin with, we have to mention the rumors that the team is working on a remake of The Last of Us. Of course, we should not forget the multiplayer section of Factions, which Naughty Dog Studios has promised to release to fans since the release of The Last of Us Part 2 in June 2020. In fact, we know that TLoU Part II multiplayer has grown so large that it is now the first multiplayer game in the game; Not part of another game.

We do not currently know what the effect of the third project is. But since Nate Dogg Studios is not working on a new version of the popular Uncharted game series, it is possible that a new series will be developed. However, the developer has not ruled out the possibility of returning the Anchartd collection in the future. At this point, we can not even deny the development of the third version of The Last of Us. So for now we can only wait. But many think that the effect in question will be a game in a new series.

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