Hold a competition by PlayStation to build advanced virtual reality games


Sony has not only become one of the sponsors of Global Game Jam 2022, but is also holding a special competition focusing on VR game ideas.

With the unveiling of the PS VR2 category and its technical specifications, the PlayStation was able to excite many people interested in virtual reality games. Now, based on the latest game news, we know that Sony has created a competition in Global Game Jam 2022, especially with the focus on virtual reality technology. Sony is asking participants to take advantage of the virtual reality headset gaming experience, or even to use special eye-tracking technology to design the gameplay. Is) go.

Sony’s interactive entertainment division is seriously encouraging creative people participating in the 2022 Global Game Jam to do exciting things with the virtual reality headset. Why? Perhaps because the PlayStation VR 2 is not only a huge improvement over Sony’s previous virtual reality headsets, it also goes even further than many of today’s more expensive VR headsets with technologies such as Eye-Tracking. The seriousness of PlayStation in trying to raise the level of virtual reality games in the next few years can not be denied.

Dinosaur next to the player engaged in virtual reality gaming experience

When Sony confirmed PlayStation VR 2 support for Eye-Tracking, some people thought it was just a targeted increase in resolution thanks to Foveated Rendering technology; An interesting technology that allows the device to constantly focus on providing the highest image quality in areas where the player’s eyes are focused.

For example, when you look to the right in a virtual reality game, you naturally pay very little attention to the visual details on the left. In this case, the virtual reality headset with Eye-Tracking understands where you are looking and the principle of the device’s processing power is spent to provide the highest image quality on the right. As a result, making the most of the PlayStation 5 console’s graphics processing power, the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset consistently delivers the highest possible quality.

In the meantime, the story became even more interesting when, based on the competition emphasis on the use of Eye-Tracking in the gameplay, many players concluded that the PlayStation VR 2 would probably not use the technology in question only for Foveated Rendering. In fact, recognizing the moment and the exact point at which the gamer looks at it provides the player with many possibilities. Suppose a character is constantly able to maintain eye contact with the gamer, or complains about the player not paying attention when we are looking at different parts of the environment instead of focusing on what he is saying. One can even imagine a scary game in which we have no way to escape the jumpers. Because they come to us exactly every time from where we were looking.

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