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With the spread of the corona and the growing interest of freelancers and employees in telecommuting, many freelancers in various fields, such as programmers, began to think about telecommuting and even earning dollars.

But in addition to having a good resume, it requires gaining experience and high skills in that field in order to be able to attract a foreign employer. If you do not know anything about this field but you are interested and talented in it, we have good news for you: You can get a valid computer science degree from Harvard University in Iran by taking the CS50x Iran course. In this article, we will tell you what the advantages of this course are and how you can enroll in this course; Comes with a discount code.

The potential for foreign exchange earnings through programming

Programming is a growing industry that has now become a very important need in most online and offline businesses; A freelance programmer can work in this industry by relying on the freedoms of the freelance world as well as his specialization in coding and programming.

Freelance programming allows a person to determine their own salary and the number of projects they can do. Freelance programmers are completely self-sufficient; They do not pay taxes, they choose the customers themselves and the working hours are up to them. Depending on their skills, they can undertake a variety of projects such as coding for applications, software, sites, etc., and carry out the project on their own.

Of course, this lucrative branch is not only for freelancers, and even if a person is employed by the company, he can also get projects through internal and external sites to do at home in his spare time. However, many professional programmers work on a part-time, part-time, freelance basis so that they do not miss out on the potential for monetization. They also do not have to worry about cashing in on their foreign exchange earnings, as Nick Payment, which sponsors CS50x Iran computer science courses, will do so with the lowest fees and in the fastest time.

Types of programming projects

Now that you know the potential of making a living as a programmer, you should also consider the types of projects that a programmer can work on. Freelance and corporate programmers can perform a variety of tasks according to their skills in the following areas:

  • Website and Windows programming
  • Android, iOS and apps
  • Testing software and troubleshooting them
  • Update and find bugs in software and applications
  • Responsibility for website support
  • Coding a variety of basic to complex projects

But in order to do these things, you have to be trained. Where can I start this training to end up earning?

Vocational training in 9 sessions at CS50x Iran

A freelance programmer with technical and specialized skills in the field of computer programs has the professional ability to code software and manage customers’ computer needs, and has not achieved this except through professional training and experience in the workplace.

If you are also interested in coding, HTML world, web design, Android, artificial intelligence and programming in general, you can take part in 30 hours of Harvard web programming courses in the form of 9 teaching sessions and 10 hours of further troubleshooting with the help of CS50x Iran Online Programming Courses Walk.

Enroll in these courses to people who are interested in the field of computer science and want to start a specialty in this field or even those who are active in this field and want to strengthen themselves in various topics; And students who study in these areas and seek more basic and in-depth training are recommended. If you are interested in participating in these courses, you can get more information from this link. The registration deadline is only until January 10.

CS50 X Iran Vocational Training

Benefits of CS50x Iran courses

You may be wondering why I need to attend these courses. Learning programming can give you the opportunity to get hired in the best domestic and foreign organizations and you can reach the amount of income you want.

As mentioned above, due to the project-oriented nature of this type of job, working hours are often in your own hands, and you can even think of earning dollars while working with a foreign employer, especially if your degree in programming is approved by major universities such as Harvard. The university itself should be issued. All of these benefits come together in the Harvard CS50x Programming Courses, some of which are listed below:

  • Internship opportunity in the best companies in Iran
  • Fully project-oriented
  • Special educational support during the course
  • Apart from the minimal familiarity of English speakers, web and Android courses have no prerequisites.
  • Possibility to get a Harvard CS50x degree
  • The degree is issued under the auspices of Harvard University and can be tracked.

How to register and get a degree in this course?

Harvard University’s winter programming course in Iran in the fields of web, Android and artificial intelligence, which is held online, allows you to receive the official Harvard CS50x certification.

But in order to get a Harvard degree from this university, you need to solve the assignments given to you and upload them to the Harvard site. In the last session, you will submit your final project. The Harvard University team scores and scores your assignments and projects.

If these assignments are done correctly, ‌ you will receive a certificate and you can receive this certificate. You will be fully instructed on how to obtain this degree after registration. Throughout this journey, 24-hour scientific support, debugging sessions, and experienced CS50xIran instructors will be with you.

Nick Payments along with programmers

Nikpardakht, as the sponsor of this online course, has provided a special discount code of 190,000 Tomans to those who are interested. You with the code Nikpardakht You can apply this discount on the final cost of your course. If you want to learn the basics of programming and get a valid degree from Harvard University, we suggest you do not miss this course. Click on this link below and with Nikpardakht discount code Register by January 20th.

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