Horizon Forbidden West age category on the verge of release


Horizon Forbidden West The Gorilla Games studio has been classified as age by ESRB ahead of its release.

2022 looks like an interesting busy year, and even in the first few months we will see the release of some great new games. Horizon Forbidden West is one of these works that will be available to players in mid-February. Now, in the latest game news, we are informed that this highly anticipated game has been classified by the ESRB on the eve of its release.

Horizon Forbidden West received the age rating of T or suitable for teenagers 13 years and older, which is similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. Interestingly, the ESRB age classification naturally increases the likelihood that Horizon Forbidden West will be released in February. Of course, this in itself does not guarantee the release of this game at the announced time, and these days we can not speak with certainty about the release date of the works. However, the ESRB age rating is usually given to games on the eve of release. So it seems that Horizon Forbidden West is not going to be delayed.

PlayStation 5 users are expected to have about 90 gigabytes of storage on the console when Horizon Forbidden West is released. Because this is a Guerrilla Games studio role-playing action game based on information revealed by a Twitter account. PlayStation Game Size It is supposed to take up a significant amount of console memory. Horizon Forbidden West will be released for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles on February 18, 1400 (February 18, 2022).

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