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How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC – New Method

iCloud is an apple online service for content storage in iCloud. in iCloud, you can store photos, videos, documents, music, app setting. iCloud shares photos, calendars, notes, locations with friends, and family. Basically, iCloud syncs data across multiple devices via the internet. When you take your picture, song, data, etc. save it on your iCloud then you change your device then signup for your iCloud it comes on your new device. However, iCloud is free up to 5GB of storage. If you want to have space for storage you can upgrade it as a paid one. Moreover, you can buy 50GB, 200GB, 2TB storage. So iCloud has launched date October 12, 2011. In 2013 iCloud has 320 million users. Therefore, in this article, I am going to guide you on How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC – New Method.

If you need to receive any important data from your iCloud and it’s not necessary that you have an iPhone device then you are totally able to access the iCloud drive on windows. apple company has designed and launched iCloud for windows operating system that apple users should easily access on windows. So we are going to access iCloud this is not against the law because apple websites allow us to download and use it. When you sign with your apple id and password it automatically gets the backup of the all thing. This iCloud is very helpful for every iPhone user.

Access iCloud account with Browser

Step 1. Open any browser then click on the search bar after that type


Step 2. Then you are on the official website of iCloud then enter your Apple ID.

Enter Your Apple ID

Step 3. When you enter your apple id then type Password.

Type Your Password

Step 4. For better security, you will have two-factor authentication. Apple has sent you two-factor authentication. Now enter the code and login into your iCloud.

Step 5. After that, you will your iCloud account with a different option.

Different Option

Step 6. You can access Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Notes, and much more information.

Step 7. From here you need to select photos for download or delete. Click on the picture that you want then click on the download option at the top right corner.

Click on the Download

Step 8. if you want notes from your iCloud drive. When you want the notes then copy and paste on your computer.

When You Want the Notes then Copy and Paste Them on Your Computer

Access iCloud Account With iCloud Software

Step 1. Go to the folders that you have download then double click on them.

Step 2. Click on the I accept the terms in the license agreement then click on the Install.

Access iCloud Account on Windows PC
Click on the Install

Step 3. Wait a minute for installation is complete.

Access iCloud Account on Windows PC
Wait a Minute

Step 4. When your install is done then click on the Finish.

Access iCloud Account on Windows PC
Click on the Finish

Step 5. You will get a dialogue box of Restart message, click Yes to configure the settings of iCloud.

Access iCloud Account on Windows PC

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It was two amazing and useful methods on How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC – New Method. Using an iCloud account on Windows PC because it is really interesting to access the data on any operating system or platform. However, if you have any kind of problem or question then make sure to let us know by commenting in the comment box down below.

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