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How to Create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB on Windows PC

macOS Big Sur is the latest operating system of the Macintosh computer. The macOS Big Sur is released on 22nd June 2020 at Worldwide Developer Conference. Now, it is a well-known and powerful operating system of Apple company. It has tons of amazing and wonderful features that suit your needs and requirements. Every user is really in hurry to test and experience the new operating system. If you are among those users who want to give a try to macOS Big Sur as soon as then this post is particularly for you. However, installing macOS Big Sur on Mac has several methods, some of them are easy and some of them are somehow complicated. Some weeks before, Apple finally released the final version of macOS Big Sur. Therefore, I am going to show you How to Create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB on Windows PC.

If you want to perform the clean installation of macOS Big Sur on your Mac then you have to create a bootable USB so that you should not face any problem while installing. With the help of Bootable USB, you have the full installation of macOS Big Sur compatible Macs. You have to remember that you can’t install macOS Big Sur on every Mac computer. The process of creating a bootable USB is really simple just needs some requirements which you have fulfilled. So, I am going to give you all information about installing macOS Big Sur on Mac computers.

macOS Big Sur Compatible Mac Computers

Before going to perform a clean installation of macOS Big Sur on your Mac computer. Make sure to now the list of supported Mac in which you can easily install macOS Big Sur with good performance. However, you can see the following list of compatible Macs.

  • MacBook 2015 and later
  • MacBook Air and Pro Late 2013 and later
  • Mac mini 2014 and later
  • iMac 2014 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later (all models)
  • Mac Pro 2013 and later

If you don’t have non of the above Mac then don’t try to install macOS Big Sur because you can’t have all the amazing features and low performance which you can’t enjoy.

Download the Required Files

Create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB with UUByte DMG Editor

UUbyte is a great software that allows you to create a bootable USB of all operating systems. It is really and pretty easy and has a very simple user interface. I hope that you have downloaded the macOS Big Sur ISO File because it is the only thing that is required while creating a bootable USB. Therefore, you have to follow the below steps to create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB using UUByte DMG Editor.

  1. Download UUByte DMG Editor and make sure to install it on your PC.
  2. Connect the USB Flash Drive.
  3. Once installed, open the software and click on the Burn tab from the welcome window.
  4. Click on the Browse button to import the macOS Big Sur ISO file.
  5. Select the name of your USB which you have just inserted. And click on the Burn button.
  6. Then wait for some minutes so that it should create a bootable USB.
Create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB

Create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB With TransMac

The above method was all about UUBYte DMG Editor. Now it is time to give a try the TransMac. Basically, TransMac is another premium software that can allow the user in order to create a macOS bootable USB. It has only 15 days trial which means within 15 days you are able to create any kind of bootable USB without any restriction. If you want to create a bootable USB of any macOS version then TransMac software will be the best option for you. Most of the Windows users use TransMac for creating macOS Big Sur bootable USB. Therefore, let’s download and start creating a bootable USB.

  • At first, you have to download TransMac and install it on your computer.
  • When it has installed successfully, right-click on the USB drive from the left side of the page and click on the Restore with the disk image.
  • You will get a warning page, click on the Ok.
  • Then, browse the macOS Big Sur DMG File using the three dots. Once you have selected the DMG File and click on the Ok button.
  • A new window will pop-up, click on the Yes.
  • Now, TransMac will start creating bootable USB for macOS Big Sur. The creating process will take time, don’t do anything just be patient.

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It was all about How to Create macOS Big Sur Bootable USB on Windows PC. It is the two easy and simple method which you can easily create macOS Big Sur bootable USB. However, if you have any kind of question or problem then let us know by commenting down below.

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