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How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone iOS, Android And Huawei

Instagram Dark Mode was the most frequently requested features of this year and it is finally here now, this feature has many advantages to running apps like Instagram dark mode that helps conserve power and makes easier on the eyes on night. This Instagram dark mode is available on iOS iPhone and Android operating system

But this dark mode is not available on all iOS and Android just you can update your system to iOS 13 and Android 10 operating system. Instagram developer has worked on this app for the color schemes and it gain the option with latest. You can enjoy this latest App option on Instagram.

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How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone iOS And Android

When you have that latest operating system on your phone, Instagram will change the color automatically when your active the dark mode on Instagram, The Instagram will not activate it automatically by itself. You own self should enable it on your phone. Here I am going to show you how to active it on you iPhone

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How to Turn On Instagram’s Dark Mode for iPhone iOS

When the Instagram has launched the dark mode, Apple also has been updating the themes on it App store.
So, If you want to turn on it on your iPhone please note that you have to use iOS 13, if you use old version so update your operating system. 

Here are some steps to turn it on

  1. Go to setting to check the Version of the operating system if it is not iOS 13 then update it.
  2. Once again setting App for enable of dark mode
  3. Click on display and brightness
  4. Now tab to Dark to change the theme
  5. Open and use Instagram 

You can automatic the automatically switch to dark mode at sunrise or sunset 

If dark mode is not activated then you may use old version of the Instagram you have to update the Instagram to the latest version after that you may use the Instagram dark mode

How to Turn On Instagram Dark Mode on Android 

For enable of Dark mode on Instagram you need to follow some steps

  1. First,  check the version of the operating system if it is not Android 10 then update it 
  2. Again go to Setting App for activation of dark mode
  3. click on display and Advance 
  4. Active the Dark Mode theme 
  5. Use the Instagram

There is many options that you can personalize it according to the atmosphere around you like how dark you want to. some of your want too dark or gray black so that is possible to change the theme color in easy way like

  • Tab to Theme setting there, the display is available like Daylight, Sunrise, Midnight and Twilight 

Once you select the display theme. the entire phone will be like the option you have chosen, so enjoy it 

This Dark Mode has many benefits like on the night it will be dark so it is good for the eyes because the direct light will effect the eyes so you may need glasses to wear. Dark Mode will protect your eyes from phone light. you will feel relax for the new theme.


Instagram Dark Mode is available on iOS and Android so you need to update your operating system like iPhone iOS 13 and android 10. This update on Instagram has many benefits that you may get it while you use it on your phones.

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