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How To Factory Reset Windows 10 PC

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Many of you may face the problem of running slow due to junks files or error when you use windows 10 here in this article, I am going to show you how to factory reset windows 10 on PC or Laptop. There are many ways to do it and you may have reasons that forcing you to do factory reset your windows like you want to remove all the information on windows or while you are using windows you face an error or the windows running too slow due to junks files and you cannot install any software or apps on your windows 10 PC so that time you need to do factory reset windows 10.

However, when you do factory reset your windows it will looks like new computer because it will work so fast and perfect due to the errors will be deleted. There is no more sticking and junks files. The Microsoft company has built a great option into operating system that allows you to reset windows without losing any data or files. Hereby, there are many ways to do factory reset windows 10 easily like how to factory reset windows 10, How to factory reset windows 10 without password, how to factory reset windows 10 without logging in and how to factory reset windows 10 from boot and many other ways you can do

There is two options for you to do factory reset. First while you are resetting your windows you can keep your data and the setting of windows will be reset and other option is to do hard reset to clean everything in your laptop or PC from “C” Drive. So you need to take a backup of your data from windows and keep it safe while you do factory reset or hard reset. You can follow step by step how to do factory reset on windows 10.

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How To Factory Reset Windows 10 PC?

As you know that there are many ways to factory reset windows 10 so, let’s have a simple ways to do factory reset, one thing more you have to keep the backup of your files and data so you may not lose them permanently

Step 1. First you need to go Menu then type Setting in it

Step 2. Now click on Update and Security for Factory reset windows 10

Step 3. Here you need to click on Recovery for recovery of the date or files which is in windows

When you click on Recovery after that click on Get Started, Here the factory reset process will be started. Furthermore, you will choose the factory reset options

Step 4. you can choose any option here to keep my files means to the files which you want to keep your data in it or remove anything in windows. I will select remove everything option because i do not want some one else to recover my files from my laptop or PC

Step 5. I would like to remove my all files because i want to sell my laptop to a friends. You can select any of the option like just remove my files option or Remove files and clean the drive.

Now it is Getting things ready, you have to wait for it to be ready

Step 6. Everything is ready for factory reset. it will take time to be factory reset for that you have to wait and click on Reset button

Step 7. The windows will be factory reset. it will be like installing windows you need to wait for it to be completed the process.

You have successfully factory reset windows 10 

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Logging in (Password)

When you want to factory reset your windows without logging in It means that you cannot access into your laptop or PC so here I am going to show you how it is possible just for the beginning is different from previous way and the result is same. Let’s start

Step 1. Go to Advanced Startup Tool, To have access to the Advanced Started tools you need to start up the computer or laptop then get to windows log in screen after that click on the screen power button. Hold the shift key on keyboard the click on restart button. The computer will be restarted then it will go automatically on Advanced Startup tool

Step 2. Now you need to go to reset tool option, perform factory reset by choosing Troubleshoot in Advance startup tool

Step 3. For factory reset you need to choose “Remove everything or keep my files” it depends on you how you want to do or you use factory reset.

Step 4. You will face again 2 options here like “just remove my files or clean drive” you can choose it if you are selling your system then go for clean drive


There are many ways to do factory reset windows 10 on your windows. some times while you are doing factory reset the windows will ask to reset those disks which you have in your computer but you should select that disk which windows is installed in it.

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