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How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox

In this article, I will show you How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox. if you want to test out Windows 10 technical preview, so it is better to install on a virtual box rather than installing on the operating system, even you can use the virtual machine as a practical exercise Windows. Here we will guide you step by step installation of Windows 10 on a virtual machine.

Content Table:

  1. Download VirtualBox Setup
  2. Install VirtualBox on Windows
  3. Download Windows 10 With ISO file
  4. Manage Windows 10 on VirtualBox
  5. Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox

Install VirtualBox on Windows

VirtualBox runs on Windows, MAC and Linux machine, just download VirtualBox and install it on your operating system. After downloading follow the below instruction to install the software.

  1. Run the software and click on next.

2. select the location of your software to be installed then click next.

3. Tick the below options to make a shortcut on the desktop and other places.

4. The software is ready to install, just click on yes to install.

5. The setup Wizard is ready to begin the custom installation.

6. Please Wait for a second while the setup wizard install oracle VirtualBox

7. the installation is complete press on the finish.

Manage Windows 10 installation On VirtualBox.

We completely passed the first step of installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox, now we should work on the second step to pass this step completely. Run the VirtualBox software you will see such a screen on the starting page.

  1. To manage the setup of Windows 10 for installation click on New.

2. Name and operating system, at first give a name for your System then select the machine, type should be Microsoft Windows and at last, select the version of Windows. press on next

3. Memory size, select the amount of memory (RAM) in megabytes to be allocated to the virtual machine.

4. Create a Virtual Machine Hard disk, if you want to add a virtual hard disk to the new machine. You have three options to make a hard disk

  1. Do not add a virtual hard disk
  2. Create a virtual hard disk now.
  3. Use an existing virtual hard disk file.

5. Select your hard disk file type to use for the new virtual hard disk. from these three parts select the first one and click on next.

6. Manage your storage type dynamically, this type of hard disk use space on your physical hard disk as it fills up.

7. Manage the file location and size and finally click on create.

Windows 10 With ISO file

How to convert Windows files to ISO files? it is easy and simple to change the format type of Windows into ISO. You need only to have one Windows CD or DVD and one software(Power ISO). It is available for Windows, Linux and OSX. With this software, you can easily make an image file from Windows CD or DVD.

another way is to download Windows ISO file from the internet without using any software you can download ISO file and use that on VirtualBox.

Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox

after managing the windows location, storage, memory and type of windows it is time for installing Windows 10 on a VirtualBox. this part will be the same as we install Windows on our computer operating system. so let’s go ahead and install it now.

  1. press on the start option.

2. select your startup disk, it means to find and select your ISO Windows image file.

3. Click on Add option to select your windows setup.

4. Find out your Windows folder destination and select your Windows image file.

5. Now click on start to run your Windows 10

6. Manage your input Windows language, time and currency format and your keyboard language then press on next.

7. Tick, I accept the licence terms and press on next.

8. Select the type of installation upgrade or custom. It is recommended to install as a custom to select a specific disk for Windows file location.

9. Where do you want to install windows? create a new disk by clicking on new, then click on next to continue.

10. Just wait for a while until the installation complete.

11. It is near to complete the installation.

12. here is some simple setting to do, press on use express settings.

13. Create an account for this PC, type a name for your PC and if you want you can give a password.

14. Windows 10 is near to get everything ready for you.

15. the Windows 10 installation on Windows 10 is completed and you can use this Windows for practising or project works.


In this article, we showed you the sample and easy ways how to install VirtualBox on your computer and how to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox. you can apply this method to other Windows type also., if you find any problem during installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox, feel free to comment us below to solve the issue and complete your installation successfully.

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