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How to Open Multiple Websites With a Shortcut on Windows

In this article, I will show you How to Open Multiple Websites With a Shortcut on Windows. If you open many websites regularly, so you can create a shortcut for your websites on windows to open all your important websites by one click. it also speeds up your work and helps you to save more time during working with many websites. to apply these changes and make a simple shortcut key for windows, just follow the below instruction to apply these changes on windows.

1. To begin, open the start menu, search for Notepad and open the app.

2.  Just type your websites URL on notepad as I have written for you as an example. Copy the URL and paste it on your notepad. It is not limited to you, as many as you want you can type the websites URL.

This text folder will be opened with the default browser that you have selected for windows browser.

When you have done your websites URL, now it is time for saving the file on the desktop.

3. Select the location in which location you want to save your file. It is better to save on the desktop, it makes easy to launch the shortcut and open the websites.

4. Now put on a name for your file, for instance, I give a name (LaunchAllSites.bat). You can give any name you want but, don’t forget to add (.bat) at the end of your file name.

5. Now you can use the shortcut as a browser, it opens all the websites you have written on the text. This shortcut text use your default browser to open mutiple websites, just double click to open it.

Multiple websites with shortcut

How to change the browser that your sites open in

All the websites URL you have saved opens with your default browser. If you want to change the default browser. Just follow the easy instruction.

1. Go to setting or press Windows+I to open setting

Default Program

2. In setting click (Apps>Default apps)

3. In default apps on the web browser you can see the default browser, change that to any other browser you want.

  Now your links which you made a shortcut for them should be open on the new browser which you have selected.

How to Open Multiple Sites at Once with your Browser

It is another easy way to open multiple websites with your browser.  If making shortcut is hard for you or you want to find a way to make and open multiple websites at once on a browser. Here I show you the way to open multiple websites at once by one click on the browser. Follow the easy instruction.

1. Open your browser and once search and load all the websites you want to make a shortcut for them or you should have saved your sites at bookmark to do such action.

2. when you have finished all your bookmarks, now it is time to make a folder and put all the bookmark websites into one folder. then right-click on the folder and select Open All in Tabs to open all your websites at once.

3. try to put your bookmark folder on the bookmark bar, it make for you easy to open the websites with one click. just enable the bookmarks toolbar and move the folder from bookmarks to the bookmarks toolbar.

How to Open Multiple Websites on Google Chrome

If your default browser is google chrome, so it is better to know how to open multiple websites on google chrome. it is somehow the same as Firefox browser methods. Do the following ways to open multiple sites with Google chrome.

  1. Open Google chrome
  2. Search and load all the websites you want to bookmark. Bookmark all the website individually
  3. make one folder and drag or move all the bookmarked sites to that folder you have made.
  4. tick the bookmarks bar
  5. move the folder from bookmarks to the bookmarks bar.
  6. now just click on the folder to open multiple websites on Google chrome with one click.


This guide showed you an easy way to open multiple websites on windows. you can select your browser as a default and use that as a multiple website browser. this guide helps you to speed up your work and open your regular websites every time with one click instead of searching every website’s individual. if you want to speed up your browsing skills and save more time, it is recommended to apply this way and method for yourself to improve your work.

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