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How to Remove New Tab Shortcuts in Google Chrome

In this article, I will show you how to remove new tab shortcuts on Google chrome? As we know that Google Chrome is a powerful search engine software beyond other browsers. Researching more with Google Chrome Browser will increase your chrome history and also your new tabs shortcuts. To remove all-new tabs shortcuts follow the below instruction.

Table content:

1. How to hide New Tab Shortcuts

2. How to delete Shortcuts

3. How to clear your Browsing History

4. How to Add Custom Shortcuts

1. How to Hide New Tab Shortcuts

When you open a new page in Google Chrome, you will see the shortcuts of websites you have recently visited and the take place under the search engine bar. If you feel to not see any more of these shortcuts there, you easily hide them from Google. Below is how to do it.

1. Open your Google Chrome and click on Customize option.

2. Now click on Shortcuts and Turn on Hide shortcuts to not show shortcuts any more on the page.

3. See here, when you open a new tab, you will not see any more shortcuts on the page. All the shortcuts get hide from here.

2. How to Delete Shortcuts on Google Chrome?

Here we have another option for you, you can do with shortcuts. You are able to Delete Shortcuts from the Google page to not see any more one shortcuts bar.

1. Open a new tab in Chrome, below the search bar you can see the shortcuts. Click on three dots on one of the shortcuts.

2. Here you have two options to do an action. One, Edit shortcuts helps you to change the shortcuts name and URL. Two, remove, with this option you are able to remove only the selected shortcuts. If you want to remove the rest of the shortcuts, you are compelled to do the same action to others.

3. After deleting the shortcuts you will see a message written (Shortcuts was removed) on the below part of chrome. So, you have two option one, Undo & Restore default shortcuts. The Undo option will restore your shortcuts and the Restore default shortcuts bring back all of them.

3. How to Clear Browsing History

Another easy method to get rid of new tab shortcuts in Google Chrome is to clear your browser history. This way will help you remove all the new tab shortcuts just by clearing all your history.

1. Open new page in Chrome and press on Ctrl> Shift> Delete to open your chrome history.

Here you can set the setting manually on how to delete the history. You will see the Basic and Advanced option or just Click on Clear Data to remove the history from chrome. It will remove all the shortcuts on the new tab page and when you begin new research, it will appear on new tab shortcuts as default.

4. How to Add Custom Shortcuts on Google Chrome.

If you want to manually add shortcuts on new tab page, so you are lucky and you can apply this setting to add shortcuts in chrome.

You can add as many custom shortcuts to your favorite websites to the new tab page as you want. To display your custom shortcuts, open a new tab, and click Customize > Shortcuts my shortcuts.

1. Click on Add shortcut in the new tab page.

2. Give a name and URL, then click Done.

3. Now you can see the added new shortcut here on new tab page.


In this article, we described the ways how to remove new tab shortcuts on Google chrome. We showed you four easy ways that you can do with new tab shortcuts one, how to hide, two, how to clear your browsing data history, three, how to add custom shortcuts, and four, how to delete your shortcuts from the new tab page on Google chrome.

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