How to Root any Android Phone Without PC/Computer

How to Root any Android Phone Without PC/Computer In this guide, I am going to show you How to Root Android Phone Without a PC/Computer. If you are continuously using an Android phone for many years. You might probably hear about the Rooting and how it works. Basically, rooting is everyone’s favorite because they will have all those abilities to use their phone without any restrictions. However, hacking game, installing paid games, and installing premium apps requires root which beginner user thinks is difficult. Rooting the phone is really an interesting task because you can do whatever you and no one can stop you from that. I am going to show you the complete procedure of how to root an Android phone without a PC/Computer.

What is Rooting?

In easy words, rooting is a set of privileges that allow the users in order to perform different tasks which are reserved for the system administrator. The phones are divided into two models. The first one is the normal users that can download and can do anything which is intended for the users. And the second model is superusers who like to do some specific task that is not allowed by Android and they can do almost anything they want with their Android phones. Once you perform Root on your Android, you could do everything which a normal is not allowed.

The one who roots their Android is called Superuser. Account for the is completely special. The user who has rooted their phone can perform any task. Rooting an Android phone simply means breaking all the limits that an Android company sets for the particular user. Once your phone is rooted successfully, you can even change the system file, configure the system, easily can hack games, can download all the premium apps which is hard to find. So, let’s know some more about the benefits of Rooting and also its disadvantages.

What are the Benefits of Rooting

  • Customize and Control: Normal smartphones don’t allow to customize the phone and don’t have full control over it. Because they damage the system or even the graphic. If you have experience with these all then you are allowed to root.
  • Free up Space: You can also free up space by uninstalling or deleting the pre-installed apps on your Android Phone. In normal phones, pre-installed apps can’t be deleted but you can delete any app using Root.
  • Download any application that you want: Normal smartphones don’t allow the user to download apps from somewhere else except approved platforms such as Google Play Store. Here is the goods news with the help of root you can cross all the limits and can download from anywhere.
  • Install new operating systems: in normal devices, it is even impossible to think about installing a new operating system. In rooted devices, you can easily install custom ROM and kernel software.
  • Backup of your Phone’s Data: Lossing of data is a big problem for everyone. So, rooted phones can easily backup or recover.

As it has tons of benefits, it has also some disadvantages and drawbacks. Let’s be aware of some of them.

  • Rooting can damage your phone if it goes wrong.
  • Voids warranty.
  • Some rooting apps are malicious.
  • Your phone won’t work properly after rooting.
  • Lossing access to high-security apps.
  • Your device can be hacked easily.

How to Root Android Phone Without PC/Computer

There are too many methods that allow us to root the Android device. Some users use computers in order to root their smartphones and some methods can be done without a PC/Computer. As I have experienced that Rooting without a computer is much better and easy rather than other methods. The method which we are going to show is not difficult but you have to pay attention to the steps. For the purpose of this article, we are going to use Kingo Root in order to root Android smartphones in a better way. Therefore, make sure to follow the below guidance so that you should your Android without Computer.

Step 1. Turn on your smartphone and open your favorite browser then search for Kingo Root. Click the first result that appeared.

How to Root Android Phone Without PC/Computer
Search for Kingo Root

Step 2. Tap on the Download button in order to download Kingo Root which is free of cost.

How to Root Android Phone Without PC/Computer

Step 3. Wait for some seconds and once it has finished tap on Open.

How to Root Android Phone Without PC/Computer

Step 4. Click on the Install option.


Step 5. After that, tap on the Details and select Install Anyway (Unsafe), don’t worry it won’t damage your phone.

Install Anyway

Step 6. When it has opened, tap on the One Click Root.

One-Click Root


There are many ways How to Root Android Phone Without a PC/Computer. But with the help of Kingo Root, your device will be rooted without any problem. It is the complete guide that will allow you to root your Android device. However, if you have any questions about this then let us know by commenting down below.

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