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How to Save A Google Doc | Create, Edit or Download A File in Simple Ways

In this article I am going to show you how to save a google docs document. While you using a file on google docs or stop working on it, your file will be saved automatically by Google Doc. This makes possible for you to save a copy of a shared google docs file into google drive folder or you can save the file into your computer. However, Google drive allows you to keep your file or document as word processing documents, spreadsheets and tables and online. You can have easy access to the file from any devices you use or connected to web.  While you are using a file on google doc there, you cannot find save button to save the file. It will be automatically saved on your account one Google Drive

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How to Save A Google Doc Documents on Google Drive or your Computer

To have access to the Google Doc you need to create a Gmail account so you need to sign up into Gmail 

Step 1. Sign Up for creation of a Gmail in Google Account

Create a google doc
Sign Up for Google Account ( Gmail)

Step 2. When you created an account after that select the Docs option as i have shown in the photo

how to save a google doc

Step 3.  When you click on the Docs, New window will be open like i have show you the URL.
You need to click on the Blank or + option to start a Google Docs Document.

how to download google doc

Step 4. When you type some text on the google doc it will automatically save the changes in the document so you don not need to save the file because there is no option for such button to save it

how to save googel doc as pdf

Step 5. Now if you want to make a copy of the shared document on the google drive. Go to File option then click on Make a copy.

save a google shared document

Step 6.  you can rename the copy of the document as you wish to save it on the Google Drive then click on OK

how to save a google doc on iPhone

Step 7. Here you can see the original document and the copy of the document which you renamed it in Google Drive

google docs document

How to Save A Google Doc Documents on Your Computer

As we shown you how to save or download a google doc document on Google Drive so in this part i am going to show you how you can save a Google Doc document on your Computer or Laptop so please follow the instruction carefully.

Step 1. Open the Google Doc Account by Gmail


Step 2. You can create a new document or edit or download a old document which you have saved it in google drive and click on the document to be open


Step 3. If you want to edit go for it otherwise, go to File option on document


Step 4. In File option go to Download then click on the file format you want to download like Microsoft Word.



Step 5. Now you have downloaded a Google Doc Document into your computer.


How To Save A Google Doc As A PDF

There is a simple way to save a google doc as a PDF so you need to open a document on google drive or google doc then type or write what you need to then go to file after that click on download and there you should select the PDF format of the file to be downloaded as i have shown it on the photo.


How To Save A Google Doc As A Word Doc

To save a google doc as word doc you need to open a google doc document then write what you want to. when you write some thing there is no button of SAVE. it will automatically save the document on the Google Drive so when you are done go to file option then click on download after that click on the Microsoft Word option. the Document will be saved as Word Doc on your computer

google doc word doc

How To Save A Google Doc On iPhone

To save a google doc on iPhone you need to follow some steps because the iOS system is different from windows or android so you need to follow the steps by step to download a google doc document on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open a Document on Google Doc or Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Write or Edit what you want to write on the document
  3. Then go to Share and Export option on the document
  4. After that click on send a copy option
  5. Here you can save a google doc document as PDF or Word file
  6. When you select the option of PDF or Word then click OK
  7. It has been saved to your Google Drive, you can share it to your friends though Email, AirDrop or Bluetooth.


Saving a google doc is so simple to save the documents on google drive or on your computer or iPhone and iPad, however you can download as PDF or word doc format because you may share it among your friends or send it to your boss for office work.

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