Huawei unveils its new programs and products in the Iranian market


Huawei unveiled the latest strategies and products related to the Iranian market during the Super Device event. Stay tuned to Zomji for event details.

Yesterday, the Huawei Super Device event was held in Iran to unveil its plans and products for the country’s market in the first six months of 2022. Huawei will be showcasing a variety of product models at its event, from the Huawei P50 Pro and Nova 9 to the Matebook 14 laptop, the Mitevio family of monitors and Wi-Fi 6E routers; Was on display.

Babak Fayyaz, Vice President of Huawei Mobile in Iran, spent a few minutes of the ceremony talking about Huawei’s brand status and performance. Fayyaz said that despite the problems encountered for the Huawei mobile sector, the company ended 2021 with revenue of $ 38 billion. He said revenue from sales of Huawei earphones, wearables, tablets and PCs grew 69, 31, 61 and 38 percent, respectively; Of course, Fayyaz did not talk about the performance of the mobile sector.

Huawei Vice President at the Super Device event

The vice president of Huawei Mobile in Iran said that his company is still one of the top 100 brands in the world. Babak Fayyaz says Huawei is ranked 8th, 44th and 50th in the PCG, Fortune and BrandZ rankings, respectively. Referring to these rankings, he says that despite numerous problems for Huawei, the Chinese company still has a healthy business.

Babak Fayyaz says that Huawei will focus on 6 areas in 2022, the most important of which will continue to be smartphones. The other five areas include products other than smartphones, software and HarmonyOS, automotive solutions, smart home solutions and enterprise solutions.

Huawei’s vice president of mobile says that the SuperDevice platform we hear a lot about these days is based on HarmonyOS, and Huawei wants to use it to transform five areas:

  • Smart home: Smart homes with Huawei connected devices including TVs, speakers and routers;
  • Smart office: Smart offices with Huawei connected devices such as laptops, tablets, mobiles and freebies;
  • Easy to transport: Car intelligence with the help of car companies;
  • Health and wellness: Smart monitoring of people’s health and sports with connected Huawei devices including watches and smartphones;
  • Entertainment: Watch movies and enjoy music with Huawei devices such as the company’s monitors and TVs.

Fayyaz went on to say that more than 170 million devices currently use Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system. He says that in order for his company to focus on the SuperDevice platform, the company will sell a variety of new products in the Iranian market in the first six months of 2022, including the following:

  • Huawei P50 Pro: Huawei flagship and camera-based phone that enters the Iranian market in two colors, gold and black; Powered by a Snapdragon 888 chip with a 4G modem, the smartphone combines a wide range of photography and video with a combination of widescreen, monochrome, ultraviolet and telephoto with 50, 40, 13 and 64 megapixel sensors.
  • Huawei Nova 9: Nova 9, Huawei’s efficient midrange with 120Hz OLED display, Snapdragon 778 chip with 4G modem, 8GB RAM, 50-megapixel camera and well-built body, is one of the products that will play a key role in the Iranian market.
  • Mitobook 14: Matebook 14, well-built Ultrabook with integrated metal body, 14-inch 3: 2 display, 11th generation Core i5-1135G7 or Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, 8 or 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage (except for 4GB of SSD) In the field of entertainment and what work) has a significant role.
  • Mateoped Pro 12.6 inches: The Matepad Pro tablet with a 12.6-inch OLED display, full DCI P3 color space coverage, M Pen support, Kirin 9000E chip and HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, is a kind of Huawei response to the iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S tablets.
  • Watch GT 3: Watch GT 3 smartwatch in two models of 42 and 46 mm with OLED displays, capabilities such as heart rate and blood oxygen measurement and battery life of 7 and 14 days will enter the Iranian market.
  • Monitoring میت‌ویو And GT: Huawei launches the MitoVio monitors in both the regular and GT versions; The standard model with a minimalist design, 28-inch 4K flat panel, full coverage of DCI P3 color space and 500 nits brightness is targeted at people with professional use; While the GT model with a curved and very wide 21: 9 panel, a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a speaker base is suitable for gamers.
  • Lipstic freight: The FreeBuds LipStick earphone with a metal frame resembling lipstick and red earphones is introduced by Huawei as an earphone suitable for women; This earphone will also enter the Iranian market soon.

Huawei monitor at the Super Device event

Shahab Naderi, Huawei’s chief marketing and advertising officer, said at the SuperDevice event that Huawei is no longer just a manufacturer of physical products, and that the company’s focus has shifted from products to the ecosystem thanks to the SuperDevice platform and HarmonyOS; This means that Huawei products use all their capabilities in a chain of devices and in the form of an ecosystem.

What do you think will be Huawei’s future with the changes it has made to its business model? Can the company once again become one of the key players in the highly demanded and highly competitive mobile market with the idea of ​​connected devices, the SuperDevice platform and HarmonyOS?

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