Hugh Jackman contracted the Corona virus


Hugh Jackman has announced that he has contracted the Corona virus and will therefore not be able to attend the Music Man at the moment.

According to the latest Movie and TV news، Hugh Jackman, A prominent Australian actor has contracted the Corona virus. Jackman confirmed the news via Twitter, announcing that his corona test was recently positive and that he is currently in home quarantine. Jackman has to rest right now, so he can no longer be at the Music Man Theater in New York.

In a video released, Jackman explained that his symptoms were similar to a cold, and that he had an itchy throat and a runny nose. Apart from these, the actor says that he feels good and does everything he can to recover faster and return to the Musical Man of Musical Theater. Of course, the Music Man Theater also had more problems with Corona, and after Sutton Foster, the other star of the theater, contracted the Corona virus, its Christmas program was canceled and now the theater is not scheduled to be held until at least January 2 (January 12). .

The Music Man Theater follows the story of Harold Hill, played by Hugh Jackman, a rogue artist who travels to a city called River City. He offers the people of the city to start a group and tries to get the people of the city to buy the clothes and instruments of the group from him. But he changes his plans after meeting Marianne Parrow with Sutton Foster, who had suspected Hill from the beginning. At the end of his message, Jackman wished good health to his fans and said that they should be kind to each other.

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