Ice Age Animation Critique: The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild


The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is Disney’s first attempt in the Ice Age, but it’s bad news for Ice Age fans. Stay tuned with Zomji and critique of this animation.

The Ice Age animation was released in 2002 and attracted the attention of viewers. The popularity of this animation led us to witness the production of several sequels of the Ice Age animation, and although this animation achieved significant sales around the world, it also faced a sharp decline in quality. After Walt Disney bought 20th Century Fox, the studio decided to shut down Blue Sky, the maker of the Ice Age animation; But at the same time, he announced the production of a new episode of the Ice Age animation for Disney Plus. It’s been a while since Disney Plus animated The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animation

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animation is actually a spin-off of the Ice Age series

This animation is actually the first part of the Ice Age spin-off series that is made exclusively for Disney Plus. Obviously, after Disney bought Fox, we expected the series to be better managed and return to its good old days. But the question is, has the Ice Age animation: The Adventures of Buck Wilde been able to give us hope for the future of this series by avoiding the mistakes of the Ice Age sequels? If you’re an old Ice Age fan, the bad news is that The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a big disappointment. The focus of this animation is on Crash and Eddie, who now decide to stand on their own two feet and are now trapped in a lost world.

As the name suggests, the focus of this episode is on the adventure of Krish and Eddie with the character Buck. The first thing that stands out from the beginning is the low quality of the animation. Although such quality may be acceptable for streaming services; But compared to the Ice Age animation that was released in 2002, we see a much lower build quality, and this is not very acceptable. Unfortunately, this is also the case with many Disney Plus animations, not just Ice Age animations, and it is hoped that Disney will improve the overall quality of its streaming service creations in the future.

Buck Wild in the Ice Age

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animation is a big disappointment for Ice Age fans

Although some might argue that The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is intended for young people, and that quality might be acceptable to them, as the number of users of a streaming service grows and adaptations of older and more popular collections such as Ice Age We obviously expect the quality of work to increase as well. Another problem is the change in the voice actors of the characters in the Ice Age animation: The Adventures of Buck Wild. Although the new voice actors have done their best to provide the same quality as the original voice actors, the difference between the original and the new voice actors is still visible.

The problem is that when a person voices a character, he does his best to make the character a part of himself; But in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, the more the voice actors try, the more they move away from their character in the animation, and this has made the voice acting of the main characters of the series a bit soulless and without identity. Of course, given that the focus is more on Wild, Crash, and Eddie, it can be said that it makes less sense, but when characters like Manny, Syed, and Diego enter, it changes and the difference can be easily felt.

Disney 6's Ice Age animation with mammoths

Ice Age animation has better build quality and graphics than The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animation

But are the only problems with The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animated in the technical section? The bad news is that the animation has even appeared disappointing in other areas. Even if we say that the quality of the animation is reasonable considering that the effect is made for streaming service, but the animation itself has a tedious and weak process. The animation has nothing new to say, and no matter how hard the creators try to tell a compelling story by turning to the animation, they are more and more immersed in a quagmire that seems to have no escape. Disney and the new Ice Age team in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild have not learned any lessons from previous episodes.

Even if we consider this part as a sub-part, the question is why the creators have not decided to use newer and creative ways to entertain the viewer, rather than just using the previous formulas with the least change and creativity. Even the formula of the previous episodes got into trouble in the long run, putting the main animations on a downhill slope, and now we see that nothing has changed about the Ice Age 6 animation. They even had trouble using the formulas of the previous episodes and failed to create a really fun and engaging effect, and the effect gets worse every time it tries to peak.

Negative characters from The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The change of voices of some of the characters in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is quite noticeable

The creators have tried to give new life to the animation by creating new characters, but they have forgotten that they are just repeating the same previous works in a different format and appearance, and only the place of the characters has changed. Even a negative character follows the same formula as usual and fails with the same formula. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild had a good chance to be a fresh start for the Ice Age series, but it has been hampered by many things, and even Disney has not been able to breathe new life into the series.

Perhaps not surprisingly, to keep its users afloat, Disney broadcasts Pixar animations directly from its streaming service instead of in theaters, or its original studio animations a short distance from Disney Plus. When we look at a work like The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, we can clearly see a huge gap between the quality of the animations originally made for Disney Plus and the animations available on this streaming service due to the corona epidemic. If another part of the Ice Age is to be made, Disney needs to make more changes, both technically and in the storytelling part of the animation.

Wilde and Zee in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Disney also needs to produce much better quality animations specifically for Disney Plus than to see low quality animations that are only worth watching once at best. Maybe Disney should have turned the animation studio into a studio that only produced content for Disney Plus instead of shutting down Blue Sky.

In any case, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, as the first Disney experience from the Ice Age series, is a very disappointing and weak work that not only repeats the mistakes of the past, but also presents a much weaker and more flawed work, and the animation in each The aspect has faced a great decline in quality.

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