Image release of 6-nanometer AMD Navi 24 graphics processor


The first rendered image of the AMD Navi 24 6nm graphics processor Coming soon to the graphics card Radeon RX 6500XT Added, published on the Internet.

It’s been a long time since a full lineup of AMD GPUs was introduced. More than a year after the unveiling of the Navi 21 chip, the fourth and smallest member of the family, the Navi 24, is now ready for launch. AMD Navi 24 Is a small graphics processor with an estimated die size of 141 square millimeters; So a little smaller than a 158mm chip Name 14 From generation RDNA1 Is. While the rendered images confirm that the number of clusters of this GPU Half Navi 23 means 16 will be.

AMD RDNA2 GPU family

AMD RDNA2 GPU family

In the case that each of the clusters of this GPU It has 64 current processors, the total number of shader units of this chip reaches 1024. Memory cache size Infinity Cache This The GPU also reached 16 MB and only a 64-bit memory controller was used in its structure.

AMD Navi 24 GPU

Rendered image of AMD Navi 24 GPU; Source: VideoCardz

AMD Navi 24 The fourth and probably the last member of the family Is considered RDNA2. Of course, this is AMD’s first 6nm chip It is considered that probably with laptop processors AMD Rembrandt It will be introduced that they are said to use the same production process of 6 nanometers.

The table below lists the GPUs used in the AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics card.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs
GPU Name 21 Name 22 Name 23 Name 24


7nm RDNA2 7nm RDNA2 7nm RDNA2 6nm RDNA2
Password GFX1030 GFX1031 GFX1032 GFX1033
Password Linux Sienna Cichlid Navy Flounder Dimgrey Cavefish Beige Goby
Computational units Maximum 80 Maximum 40 Maximum 32 Maximum 16
Number of cores Maximum 5120 Maximum 2560 Maximum 2048 Maximum 1024
Transistors 26.8B 17.2B Unknown Unknown
Size Die 536mm2 336mm2 236mm2 141mm2
Memory cache Infinity Cache 128MB 96MB 32MB 16MB
Memory size Maximum 16GB GDDR6 Maximum 12GB GDDR6 Maximum 8GB GDDR6 Maximum 4GB GDDR6
Memory port 256bit 192bit 128bit 64bit
Relevant graphics card RX 6900/6800 RX 6700 RX 6600 RX 6500/6400

Radeon RX 6500XT graphics card

The first Navi 24 graphics card: Radeon RX 6500XT card; Source: VideoCardz

The first products to use the Navi 24 GPU were the Radeon RX 6500XT and RX6400 desktop graphics cards. According to rumors, AMD plans to unveil the RX 6500XT card on January 19 and then launch the RX6400, which was designed for AMD business partners, at an unknown time. AMD is currently expected to provide more information on products based on the Navi 24 chip During the event CES 2022 to be released on January 4.

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