Improving the GPU shortage situation in the second half of 2022


Nvidia from improving the GPU market situation until the second half of 2022 and before the release of the new generation of RTX 40 graphics cards خبر می‌دهد.

Nvidia executives are reaffirming their promise to improve the GPU shortage in the market by the second half of 2022. The second half of the new year coincides with the arrival of the company’s new generation of GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. Cult Cress, Nvidia CFO during the 24th Annual Needham Growth Conference Reiterated the current market crisis GPU It will improve by the second half of this year. He went on to describe the high volume of market demand for graphics cards and GPUs GeForce He pointed out that this demand is expected to continue to exceed the supply of these products to the market.

“During 2021, we faced a high volume of customer demand for GeForce series products, and this trend continues to be stronger than the overall rate of supply of our products to the market,” he said in part. For example, the high demand of customers during the holidays, especially in the market of laptops was very noticeable. Meanwhile, we work with our supply chain partners to increase access to products. Entering the second half of 2022, we feel better about the supply situation of our products.

Another case in point was the high level of demand in the gaming hardware market. For example, in Steam, we see a new record in the number of simultaneous users of games, which easily exceeds the previous record by registering 28 million active users.

But if we focus on the cryptocurrency debate, we can say that the digital currency market share in our revenue from the gaming market continues to grow; Of course, it is difficult for us to provide statistical figures for this share. We believe that our policy of offering LHR graphics cards and CMP series products is a good strategy to direct GeForce series products to their real users. “However, activities have been carried out by various sources to increase the extraction rate of cryptocurrencies, which, of course, is very difficult to provide accurate statistics again.”

The new generation of Nvidia GPUs

“Looking forward to the second half of next year, we can hope to be better off in terms of supply,” Cress said earlier during the UBS Global TMT conference on Nvidia’s efforts to help ease the turmoil in the graphics card market.

In addition to Nvidia executives, some Intel and AMD executives have already announced that CPU shortages will improve by the second half of the new year. However, no specific information is provided by either party on how to do this. However, it can be predicted that with the introduction of the new generation of Nvidia products called Ada Lovelace, some attention will be paid to the new GeForce RTX 40 graphics card. Reduce the market demand for their current products. Similarly, a shortage of supply crises can be achieved by bringing supply rates closer to demand GPU cut in the market.

The latest reports say that Nvidia has spent billions of dollars to pre-purchase a large volume of 5-nanometer TSMC wafers. Has announced that they will be used in the new generation of GPUs. If these rumors are true, we can say that Nvidia intends to launch its new products at a much higher price than the series this time. GeForce RTX 30 Slow to market. There are also reports of increased supply of low-end graphics cards GeForce RTX 3050 Instead of popular products like The GeForce RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti are rumored to be Nvidia’s special focus on this segment of the consumer market.

Therefore, it can be said that there are promising signs of improving the market situation in the new year, and we, like all interested people, would like the conditions for all gamers to have access to computer processors at reasonable prices as soon as possible. You can share your latest hardware news with Zomji and other users.

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