Increase the likelihood of the unveiling of the PlayStation version of The Ascent


With the age rating of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of The Ascent game on the ESRB, its exclusive console era is likely to end soon.

Recently, during the latest game news, with the registration of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of The Ascent in the ESRB system, the probability of unveiling the PlayStation version of the work in question has increased. We have already seen the PlayStation version of The Ascent game registered in Taiwan’s age classification blog, and now with the allocation of age categories for the PlayStation versions of this game in the ESRB system, the probability of its unveiling in the near future has increased.

The Neon Giant team, which is considered to be the creators of this game, also officially announced their awareness about the desire of PlayStation users to experience this work. The Ascent was released about six months ago for Xbox consoles and PCs. The composition in question was examined in Zomji and received a score of 7. In the summary of The Ascent game review, we read:

“The Ascent is a production of the 11-person studio Neon Giant, which in some aspects, such as the story, has irrefutable problems due to issues such as weakness in characterization and dialogue. However, in terms of the overall experience of the game, the creators have designed a very exciting and fascinating fight for The Ascent, which does not lose its excitement until the end of the game, breaking up enemies using all kinds of weapons or special powers.

This and other issues, such as beautiful graphics, have made it possible to suggest The Ascent as a challenging but exciting work for a one-time experience; “Especially for people who are very interested in fast-paced and breathtaking action.”

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