Increase the quality of side missions in Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West director Mattis De Jung says the rewards and side missions content of the game are better than the first version.

Game Informer Media has just released an exclusive preview of Horizon Forbidden West, which offers new information and details about the world of this action-role-playing game. One of the important points in this preview is that players receive better rewards than Horizon Zero Dawn by completing Horizon Forbidden West side missions, and that the overall quality and content of these missions is better than the first game.

Matisse De Jong“The game’s side missions have become much more diverse,” explains Horizon Forbidden West director. When you do one of these quests and get a cool item in return, more [از نسخه‌ی قبلی] You will feel that you have completed an important activity. The sub-stages were one of those areas where we thought there was still room for improvement. [وقتی که آن‌ها تکمیل می‌کنید] You are given a cool weapon or clothing; “You will generally receive a valuable and practical reward that will be useful for your next activity or quest.”

Horizon Forbidden West

Ben McCaw, Horizon Forbidden West’s director recently interviewed Game Informer, noting that one of the most important things Guerilla Games Studios has been paying attention to is spending time الوی, Is the protagonist of the Horizon series alongside the key characters of Horizon Forbidden West. Mecca says they have been very focused on expanding this aspect of the game.

Mecca, of course, emphasizes that the characters with whom Alvi spends a lot of time are not only the main stages, and some key characters are introduced in the sub-stages of the game. He says that these important and key characters are not going to be forgotten after completing a mission, and Alvi will face them many times after that. De Jong confirms what Mecca had said, saying that Alvi spends more time with key characters in Horizon Forbidden West than he did in the previous episode, and will be less lonely throughout the story.

Elvis by the river and herds in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and was a huge success. Horizon Forbidden West is also set to be released on February 18 for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. In this game, we see that Alvi enters a new adventure by stepping into the Forbidden Land, which is actually the western part of the United States.

In addition to Horizon Forbidden West, another Horizon game has recently been introduced called Horizon Call of Mountain, which is being developed for PSVR2. Of course, in this virtual reality game, we are not going to play the role of Alvi.

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