Increased likelihood of running older PlayStation consoles on PS5


A new patent filed by Mark Cerny indicates that Sony may be about to enable the ability to run older PlayStation games on the PS5 console.

Mark Serni, The chief architect of the PS5 console, has patented a new patent for supporting previous console games on the new console. As a result, Sony may soon be able to offer PS1 console games, PS2 console games, and PS3 console games on the PlayStation 5 console. The PlayStation 5 was able to run 8th generation games from the day it was released.

But many users would like to be able to go to the memorable works that were released on PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 on this console. Interestingly, a few weeks ago, Jason Schreier Bloomberg claims in its report that Sony will soon be introducing a new PlayStation Plus with three subscription levels, with top-level subscribers having access to a collection of games from all PlayStation home consoles and even some PSP console games.

Mark Serni, chief architect of Sony PlayStation 5, is talking about making a PS5 console

The new patent is related to controlling the performance of the device when playing games of different generations. In fact, according to the patent description, the software system implemented in the PS5 console causes the device’s CPU to run at a PlayStation 3 CPU frequency, for example, when playing a PS3 game; Until the Sony 9th generation console has a similar function when playing the old console game.

Registration of patents does not mean their definitive use. But if Sony really announces that the PlayStation 5 will soon be able to run a total of five generations of games (from the 5th generation PS1 to the 9th generation PS5), many will surely be happy. Sony is collecting PS Now gift cards from all over the market. According to Schreier, in the spring we will see the full introduction of the new three-level PlayStation Plus, which not only combines PS Now and PS Plus, but also brings more to the audience.

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