Increasing the probability of airing The Last of Us in 2022


Actress Bella Ramsey recently mentioned on her personal Instagram page about the airing time of The Last of Us.

It’s been a few months since the start of filming for the first season of The Last of Us, and HBO has not yet announced the exact release date. recently بلا رمزی, The actor playing the role of Eli in this work shared a story on Instagram in which a post from the official IMDB account can be seen; The post says that in 2022, we will see The Last of Us on HBO Max.

HBO and Sony have not yet officially confirmed the release of The Last of Us in 2022. But the mention of this point by the official IMDB account and, of course, the mention of one of the main actors of the series, causes that the possibility of airing Last Ace in 2022 has increased even more than before. Meanwhile, filming for the first season is expected to be completed in about five months.

Joel looks away with his backpack next to Ellie in the green

Pedro Pascal In the role of Joel, Gabriel Luna In the role of Tommy, Merle Dundridge In the role of Marlin, Nico Parker In the role of Sarah, Anna Toro In the role of Tess and Nick Aferman In the role of Bill, they are among the actors of The Last of Us series. this work Craig Mazen And Neil Drakeman It will be broadcast in 10 episodes.

“There are a significant number of fans of The Last of Us in the series, and they said that a lot of things in the series are very much like the game,” Bella Ramsey said of the series. Many of the scenes made for filming give them the feeling of walking in a video game [لست آو آس] را می‌دهند. So I think that’s good. “I can no longer give you any information.”

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