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In this article, we review the available information about Lightyear animation, which is scheduled to be released on June 17, 2022. An animation in which the first open operation of Lightair, one of the popular characters in the toy story, is narrated as a space ranger.

If you’re also interested in watching movies and movies, you are probably familiar with the name of Toy Story animation; A series of extremely pleasant, beautiful and impressive animations that several generations of children and teenagers grew up with their unforgettable stories and characters. The two characters “Woody” and “Buzz Lightyear” are the identity of the toy story animation. The kind and proud sheriff of the city along with the brave and powerful astronaut who experienced memorable journeys together.

From the very beginning of his introduction to Toy Story 1, Buzz Lightyear took a serious and determined step to prevent the dreaded “Great Emperor” program, as if he did not believe that he was just a toy; According to Woody, he was just “a little toy” and nothing more or less! The affair, in which the well-known skillful free fall was finally re-established, formed a lost bond of friendship between him and Woody. There is no doubt that Baz, despite his special abilities and technologies, was able to become Andy’s dearest toy from the very beginning, but you may be wondering what was the reason for Baz Lighter’s aggressive behavior at the moment of leaving his package? This toy is actually based on a real astronaut ranger of the same name. A space explorer who is supposed to get to know him and experience his story in Lighyear animation. Join Zumji as we translate the latest article in Lightyear animation while translating the latest article in Empire magazine about the animation in question.

The first Lightyear animated poster

Angus McLean, with his background in Lightyear and Emperor Zorg as an animator for the Toy Story series, directs Lightyear animation with sufficient knowledge.

While explaining the animated background of the animation (addressing the story of an astronaut named Baz Lighter and explaining his life story), Empire magazine raises the question of why toy creators should now turn to storytelling about the past. Lightyear animation director Angus MacLane puts it this way:

“Ever since I joined Studio (Pixar), I have had a close relationship with the open character. After working on the “Finding Dory” animation, I asked myself if it was not time to make the same sci-fi animation we had dreamed of in our childhood. [چنین آثاری] It was made and we watched them ?! A movie whose main character is now Lightair. We think to ourselves, what kind of movie is this supposed to be, which will lead to the formation of Andy (in the world of Toy Story)? “A straightforward, action-packed science fiction film?”

Young Lighter starring Chris Evans in Lightyear animation, Pixar's new work

In Lightyear animation, we are faced with a determined, serious, charming and professional version of the “open” character.

The important point here is that in the world of Toy Story animation, there has never been a mention of “Open Light” themed movies / movies. Lightyear animation, however, is set to become the content in which the world of toy story animation is based on its events, movies, and, ultimately, open toy. Introducing the open character, the Lightyear animation shows why this character is so important in the world of “Story Valley” that he will be used to make toys (and possibly movies). The Lighter animated trailer shows that the open character is a space ranger who takes important and serious steps towards the progress of mankind in the field of space travel.

This version of Open Light, which we will see in the Lightyear animation, is a more serious and focused version of the open character of the “in the story” animation. In Lighter animation, Baz Lighter is one of those cold-blooded, focused, passionate, agile, and self-confident characters that reflects a particular type of astronaut in the seventh art. Who is better than Chris Evans Who has previously performed such a type of character with the character of Captain America / Steve Rogers, can he manage to create an open character in Lightyear animation? “Evans chose to bring the open body to life in the animation,” McLean said.

“We felt that this role should be played by someone who is inherently capable of playing determined and attractive roles. An artist who, while dry and heroic, can win the heart of the audience and not be afraid to joke with himself without moving away from his cinematic character. “Working with Evans was like a dream come true.”

Image of a young Lighter opening in the Lightyear animation

Lightyear animation tells the story of a man named “Open” who later became the inspiration for the production of his famous toys.

According to McLean, Chris Evans eagerly welcomed a series of open-minded character changes and turned him into a serious, passionate and determined hero. McLean goes on to say:

“He supports this project like an energy bullet. It’s really enjoyable to show the contents of the recording and watch its performance. He really is the superstar and the extraordinary character you think of. His sense of responsibility and respect for the character is exemplary and tangible. As a result, it was like a voyage of discovery for him to understand a new version of the open character, to perform the characteristics we envision, and to become the same character we are supposed to watch in 90 minutes; “At the same time, we are going to deepen our collection based on the story.”

The question still remains, but goes back to the story structure of the Lightyear animation. How much of this animation is going to share with what we saw in the Toy Story series is really a fundamental question that McLean answers as follows:

“There were things in the toy story animation series that included them [برای شکل‌گیری قصه‌ی Lightyear] we used. For example, as soon as the open wings are made of a carbon alloy, he has a deadly laser, پ Emperor is a great evil creature, and things like that. “We had to figure out which of these components we wanted to bring to Lighter animation.”

Young Lighter, voiced by Chris Evans, travels into space in the Lightyear animation

It should be noted that Lighter animation is supposed to have a series of special references to the world of toy story animation. According to McLean, these hints, however, are never going to be enough for the viewer to turn away from the story and look for these references with a magnifying glass. McLean concludes his article in Empire Magazine on Lightyear animation as a whole:

“Lightyear” animation is supposed to be a full-fledged love letter to science fiction cinema from 1977 to 1987. “And of course the cinematography of this animation is strongly influenced by the illustrations of the works of the 70s and the new wave of France.”

Lighyear animation is scheduled for release on June 17, 2022 (June 27, 1401). Written and directed by Angus McLaughlin and starring Chris Evans as Lighter, the animation is in production. Although there are questions about the narrative and the cast of this work, the main question is whether we are ready to travel again to infinity and beyond.

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