Introducing Tesco gamepads for PC and mobile


In this video, we have gone to the gamepad of the Iranian company Tesco to take a look at the three most popular products of this company. Be with Zomji.

Tesco is one of the well-known Iranian companies in the field of production and supply of electronic products as well as gaming, which in recent years has been able to open its position among customers of electronic devices in the country by offering products tailored to different tastes. The field of gaming products is one of the sectors in which Tesco is actively working, and now you can find products that fit your budget, from economy to high, by looking at stores.

Tesco sent its various products as video sponsors for the introduction of PC and mobile gamepads for Zomji, so we finally decided to introduce three controllers TG 135w, TG 170w and TG 155w for mobile players. Of course, at the end of the video, we have a brief mention of the two economic controllers of this company. In the following video, we have briefly discussed the characteristics of each of the controllers.

We will shorten the speech and invite you to watch the video of Tesco gamepads, ‌ Follow us:

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