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The building, which burned down in 1994 and none of its bodies have been found, is found only in videotapes and is revealed in the Archive 81 series. A series full of references to Dante’s Divine Comedy, mixed with a scary atmosphere.

For some time now, Netflix streaming service has become very interested in horror and, of course, mysterious works; Because in addition to his own interest, he has seen a great desire of the audience for this category of works. Some of the most mysterious and terrifying works we have seen on this network include Dark, Stranger Things, The Haunting of Hill House, Behind Her Eyes. He) and so on. This streaming service has started its new year with another scary, mysterious and terrifying series that has a completely different style from other works of this network.

Archive 81 is a new Netflix series based on a podcast of the same name; A podcast created by Daniel Powell and Mark Salinger. The story of the podcast and the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis mysterious series revolves around a lost filmmaker; Researchers are now looking at a video archive of the filmmaker and cataloging it. The series is described as “Go Back to Reveal the Truth.” One of the topics that is very common in this series is the references to Dante’s divine comedy. For example, the name of the main character in the story of Dan T. (Dante) and there are other characters named Virgil and Beatrice (Beatrice) who were Dante’s guides.

Mamoudo Ati repairing videotape in Archive 81 series

In addition, there is a circle in the story that refers to the circles of hell; Karun / Kharun is also seen in the story. Just like Dante’s story, our main character is named Dan, and with the help of a man named Virgil, he is going on a special adventure and journey. The series’ synopsis describes it this way: “Strange things happen to him when an archivist named Dan Turner takes on the mysterious task of rebuilding a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994. He discovers that he is remaking a documentary film by Melody Pandras.

As can be seen from the videos, Melody was researching a particular and dangerous sect in 1994. Over time, Dan becomes more drawn to the melodic story. “He is gradually becoming convinced that he can save the melody from the terrible end that happened to him 25 years ago.” The critics who watched this work recorded very good comments for him. For example, critics of Raton Tomitoz scored 95 points and Metacritic 73 points. According to these critics, Archive 81 is a fascinating combination of fear and noir; A collection that presents the supernatural emotions of addiction in the best possible and, of course, annoying way to its audience.

Dina al-Shahabi with a camera in a gallery in the series Archive 81

The continuation of this article will reveal parts of the story of the first 2 episodes of Archive 81 series to you.




The opening sequence of the series begins with a scene in which one of the characters in the story, Melody, asks for help. This video is so disturbing and the melody asking for help is so desperate that the audience, without any knowledge of the other person, would like to help him as soon as possible; However, it is not at all clear what is happening. In the following sequences and scenes, we see another main character who lives in the present and is walking down the street. Dan Turner is a museum curator and archivist of old videotapes. He has gone through very bad events in the past that have even led to his depression several times.

Because Dan is so interested in old videos and remakes of them, he gets a package and his boss asks him to remake the tape as well. As expected, Dan will be able to remake the tape, prompting the original tape owner to arrange a meeting with him. Virgil Davenport, chairman of LMG, tells Dan the story of the 1994 Weisser’s apartment fire. Virgil suggested to Dan that during a very good working situation, he reconstruct the surviving videos of the fire.

Mamodo Eti with Matt McGurry in Archive 81

Dan initially refuses, but Virgil reveals information about Dan’s family that was not published in any media; Information about the horrific childhood events of Dan and his family. Dan similarly accepts the job offer and soon moves to an old house intended for the job. There is no internet or lost antenna in this house; So next to the house, which is equipped with all kinds of tools and food, Virgil gives a bracelet to Dan to use if he needs any medical services. From this point the story shifts between Dan and Melody; Of course, most of us watch melodic adventures, but every now and then we see Dan’s conflicts with the past and the present.

Based on these videos, we learn that Melody Pandras intends to research an apartment called Weisser for her doctoral dissertation, which she was pursuing in 1994. It has been repeatedly pointed out that Wesser is not a good place to live and that its inhabitants are very strange people. Melody moves into the apartment with a camera and some necessary equipment, but at the very beginning, he sees strange signs around the entrance of the building, which reveal the truth to the audience to some extent. By watching these videos, Dan is supposed to find out the truth of the story and what really happened that year; Especially since the bodies of none of the residents were found after the fire.

Dina al-Shahabi with Julia Chan in the series Archive 81

After some effort, Melody is unable to speak to any of the building’s occupants except the guard so that he can interview them. But at the same time, he saw a little girl doing various things for the neighbors. Jessica, or Jess, is the only occupant of the building who agrees to speak to Melody. Since the other residents have a good relationship with Jess, a deal is made between him and Melody. In exchange for receiving some money on a weekly basis, it is planned to arrange an interview session with each resident of the building. Because Melody wants to make a film about the story of this building and its so-called strange inhabitants.

At first, everything is normal and apparently normal. But over time, Melody realizes that something is happening in the building; Strange events that are incomprehensible. Melody in this way encounters people who each have their own unreasonable characteristics and are different from the melody itself. At the same time, Dan learns things from the melodic life and story of that building that have something to do with his own life; That is, he somehow finds the rope in these videos that connects the melodic life with his own life. At the end of the second part, a melody enters the community room out of curiosity and possibly too much curiosity; A room that he is not allowed to enter. There he sees things that can make his life better.

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