Introducing the new game directed by DriveClub in 2022


Pavel Raschinski introduces his new project very differently from his previous works and to another new IP at Avalanche Studio Under construction is pointed out.

Former DriveClub and MotorStorm director Pavel Raschinski closes Evolution studio after Sony Now as a member of the studio Avalanche works on several games. He, who opened a new studio in Liverpool, England last year, is preparing to introduce his new game in 2022, according to the latest news. Interestingly, Rasczynski goes on to point out another new game being developed at the studio, announcing that various projects are being developed by the Avalanche development team.

Of course, fans of DriveClub, MotorStorm and Onrush games They may not be happy to see Rasczynski continue to comment on Twitter, as he does not appear to be working on a racing game this time. The text of this tweet reads: “I have to apologize because this time it is news of a new game DriveClub Or MotorStorm And Onrush is not. “The new project is very different from what I have worked on before.” There is currently no information about the style and context of this game.

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In 2015, Sony decided to lay off a number of Evolution Studios staff, announcing that the studio was no longer planning to make a new game, and only needed to support Driveclub as a service by releasing updates. However, Sony continued to close the studio altogether. Leaving the studio at the time, Pavel Raschinski issued a statement thanking Evolution Studios’s game sponsors and thanking Sony for announcing that it intended to take a break.

Avalanche Studios Group Developer Team In addition, on an open world game and co-op called Contraband They are released exclusively by Xbox Gaming Studios for the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series Consoles and the PC platform. However, the release date of the game has not been determined yet. In any case, we will have to wait for the release of more details of Raschinski’s new project. Maybe the event E3 2022 This is a good time to introduce this new game.

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