Introducing the new Humankind expansion pack focusing on African civilizations


The new expansion pack of the strategy game Humankind adds the civilizations of the African continent to the dynamic world of this game.

French studio yesterday Amplitude Released a trailer of the new downloadable content of Humankind game, which is considered one of the most popular works of strategic style. According to the creators, this new add-on package includes 6 unique African civilizations that will be added to the 60 existing civilizations in the game at launch. In this new DLC, players can experience the story of each of these tribes in a specific period of the rich history of the African continent.

The Bantu tribes are the first civilization to be added to the game in this new content. The history of this new civilization goes back to ancient times and its people have many skills in hunting and building shelters. In the classic era, players are confronted with The Garamantes civilization, which specializes in building aqueducts and collecting food resources. The third modern civilization that takes place in the Middle Ages will be the people of the “coastal” tribe who are active in the field of shipping and trade of goods.

The fourth civilization of the Masai people (living in Kenya) will be in the early modern era, and the fifth civilization will be the inhabitants of Ethiopia. This tribe includes warriors during the Industrial Revolution, who are among the few countries that have been able to escape the colonization of European countries in this period. The last civilization introduced in this trailer is the people of modern Nigerian civilization who have remarkable skills in producing oil and other agricultural products.

This add-on package will be available on January 20 (January 30) for $ 99.8. Also, users who purchase this package before January 24th (February 25th) can purchase this new DLC with a 10% discount and a price of $ 9.8. You can watch the trailer introducing these new civilizations below.

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In addition to new civilizations, this add-on pack adds 15 more historical events to the game that players can experience next week when this new content is released. Also, according to the published information, five new historical places, including Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Mosque of Jannah and Lake Natron, are among the items that will be provided to players in this update.

Humankind strategy game is now available exclusively on PC platform and gameplay service for PC. You can also check the zoom of the game Amplitude Take a look.

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