Introducing the new Warframe expansion pack


A new Warframe online game expansion pack called Angels of the Zariman will be released soon.

The company unveiled the first details of the new expansion pack of this popular game yesterday during the live stream of Devstream 159 of Canadian Digital Extremes studio.

According to reports, this new expansion pack, called Angels of the Zariman, will be part of a major 31.5-game upgrade that will be released in the coming months. This add-on pack is the game’s first new story content since The New War, the biggest expansion in Warframe history, was released in December last year.

More details of this new update have not been confirmed yet, but according to the creators of Digital Extreme Studios, like the previous DLC of the Zariman spacecraft, it plays an important role in the events of this new story. The game developers also confirmed that a story quest and two completely new game modes will be part of the items that will be available to users in this update. You can watch the full video of this stream, which includes interviews with the creators and their interaction with the game fan community, from the official Warframe game page on YouTube.

In addition to the 31.5 update, it was announced during the stream that a new update called Echoes of War will be released soon for the game, which will allow users who have not previously experienced the The New War add-on pack to tell the story and stages. Experience this event again. The developers also promised the players that the expected capabilities such as crossplay and cross-platform save capability will be among the main priorities of the game development team in 2022, and we can get more information on how to add them to the game soon.

Warframe online game now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | Available for Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC.

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