Introducing the Yellow Jackets series From sportsmanship to cannibalism!


The series Yellowjackets is the story of girls football players who, at the height of their happiness, are caught in a terrible situation and are forced to try their best to survive and get out of it.

The Yellow Jackets series tells the epic story of a team of extremely talented and skilled football players and high school girls who get stuck in a very difficult situation during a terrible event. It is said that the story of this series is based on real events; However, it does not go completely according to it.

The series is inspired by Uruguay Air Force Flight 571, which occurred in 1972; One of the most controversial air accidents occurred over the Andes Mountains. There were 45 people on board, who crashed horribly on October 13. Of the 45 survivors, only 16 survived and were rescued 2 months and 10 days after the crash. More than a quarter of the passengers died in the very first moments of the crash, and the rest died from the cold, starvation and injuries they suffered. This horrible event was the central event of the series; A series made by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson. Parts of the series revolve around the characters’ adolescence, and other parts show their adulthood; That is, several years after experiencing that terrible event.

Yellowjackets characters laugh around the fire

The critics who watched this series, welcomed it to a great extent and praised the story and acting of the actors more than anything else. This series is still playing and its story continues, and it just so happened that it was extended for the second season just a few days ago due to its great popularity and fame. The Yellowjackets series has already been nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series and Best Actress in a Drama Series (for Melanie Linsky) at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, along with other writers, portrayed their story violently, using elements of suspense, mystery, cannibalism, drama, and psychological horror to illustrate what these characters experienced.

Continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of the first 3 episodes of the Yellowjackets series.

The story begins when the high school football team is selected for the national tournament and is scheduled to travel to Seattle very soon. In the same way, he immediately starts his training so that he is ready for the competitions. Eli, who is a member of this team, is the only member of the senior team; Someone who does not play as well as other members and has worried others. Although the other members of the team do not agree with this decision, Taisa decides to either get Eli out of the team in some way or teach him to play properly by putting him in a difficult situation. But things did not go as planned in Taisa’s mind, and Ellie missed the flight to Seattle altogether.

Jasmine Savi Brown and Sammy Art in the series yellowjackets

The rest of the team, after much practice, finally prepared for the trip and flew to Seattle by private jet provided by one of the fathers. The worst that can happen is when the other viewer relaxes and chases away their favorite players. The plane crashes and crashes in a forest. Although in the main event, the surviving players were stuck in the forest for 2 months, in this series, the adventures continue for 19 months. The series is constantly moving between the past and the present; On the one hand, it shows young girls how they deal with problems in those situations, and on the other hand, it shows adults who have survived 19 months and are trying to get through everything; Even though it has been 25 years.

At first we see only 3 of these members at the moment; Shana, Taisa and Misty, who each have a completely separate life. Shana is a housewife who suddenly encounters a journalist named Jessica Roberts. Taisa plans to become a state senator and has launched a campaign on the issue. Misty, on the other hand, works as a nursing nurse. Next, we come across the adult version of Natalie, who has completed her rehabilitation period and now wants to “reconnect with some old friends.” Because Misty received a variety of first aid training as a teenager, she was able to take great care of her injured friends during the crash.

The adult version of the main characters of the yellowjackets series in the forest

Although Misty had a great impact on improving the condition of the members and had given them a lot of medical help, but behind the scenes, he also carried out various conspiracies and created many problems. He was very upset because of the psychological damage he had suffered in the past years, and being in such a situation not only did not scare him, but also made him feel valuable; Because in an important issue such as treatment and recovery and help, everyone needed him and expressed his presence as important. It seems that young girls have built a very good life for themselves nowadays and almost everything has been forgotten for them; If all of them have a serious problem inside.

But on the other hand, by sending a postcard, a person does not allow happy water to flow down their throats. At the same time, Taisa’s advertising campaign is growing in strength, which increases her chances of winning; But it does not take long for his opponent to take a cowardly step and, in an advertising campaign, call him a cannibal. Over time, these behaviors and activities increase and affect Taisa’s personal life. As his little boy talks about a woman who sits in a tree at night and looks at him.

Although horrible things are happening in the present, there are seemingly simple reasons why not everyone may realize they are strange. But when we go deeper into the story, every horrific event has another important reason that has its roots in the past and must be found by the girls themselves; Especially the terrible thing that happens at the end of the third part and shocks the viewer in a big shock.

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