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The 1883 series, the prequel to the Yellowstone series, follows the story of the Dutton family, who travel west through the great plains to the last stronghold of non-colonized America.

It was in 2018 that Paramount Network introduced a new series called Yellowstone and started broadcasting it; A drama and neo-Western series created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. It was in late 2021 that the fourth season of the series aired on Paramount subscribers and audiences. The Yellowstone series follows the story of a series of conflicts along the common borders of a large ranch, an Indian protected area, and land developers. The Dutton family owns the largest farm in Montana. The outline of the story of this series revolves around the events related to this family and shows their difficult adventures.

After 4 years, this collection became so popular that the creators decided to remove a subset from it. In the same way, two sub-collections named 1883 and 6666 were created. The 1883 series, which is the main topic of this article, has a progressive nature that takes place in the same year 1883. The series is also created by Taylor Sheridan, which started airing on Paramount Plus streaming service some time ago. The main focus of the 1883 series is the Dutton family, who show us how they got to their homeland; Where it later became Yellowstone Farm.

The series shows the previous generation of the Dutton family, who travel from Forthworth, Texas to Montana in order to finally get their own farm. It is interesting to know that Sheridan, after selling his idea to Paramount Plus streaming service, faced a writing obstacle and in no way could he bring his story as it should and maybe on paper. But fortunately, after making another series, the series Mayor of Kingstown, he managed to get out of this hurdle and move on.

The McGraw team with a gun on the farm in the 1883 series

Until now, the critics who watched this work have had many positive comments about it and praised its various elements. According to them, the 1883 series is too focused on its stories and adventures and is determined, and therefore can not be as violent as it should be and maybe a Western. But this is not a bad thing at all, and the audience still likes to see Sam Elliott’s winding path as Xia Brennan and see more of his command in the story.

The continuation of this article reveals parts of the story of the first 2 episodes of the 1883 series to you.

At the very beginning of the story, horrible events begin with great fervor and do not even allow the audience to get acquainted with the new environment and characters. At the very beginning of the series, we see a girl on the ground who wakes up and after looking around, she realizes that their caravan has been dragged to the ground and blood. He sees acquaintances who have fallen to the ground bloody and finds himself among the bodies of an alien. After the blurring of his eyes disappears, we see Indians on horseback brutally massacring the survivors and showing no mercy to anyone.

The poor girl is trying to somehow get out of that situation and save herself. But as he was fleeing, one of the Indians noticed him and followed him on horseback. According to the Indians, the natives are not to blame for this, and whatever it was, it was the non-natives themselves who created the conditions and caused their deaths. This unlucky girl named Elsa Dutton can finally pull out a gun from the pocket of her body and kill the Indian in front of her, but at the same time, she herself is shot by the native.

Members of the Dutton family on a green farm in the 1883 series

The opening sequence ends at this point, and in the next sequence we see one of the story’s favorite characters, Xia Brennan, crying from the bottom of her heart. We may not know what it’s like at first, but it doesn’t take long for us to realize that he lost his daughter and his wife to a common illness, and now he has to burn down his house. After doing this horrible and exhausting task, he tries to kill himself, but his old friend reaches out to him and summons him to a new adventure.

The story is that a large foreign caravan, with a lot of equipment, came to their city and wants to travel to a very distant destination, but they do not have enough equipment, knowledge and security forces and can not go this route alone. In the same way, they ask Xia Brennan and Thomas to provide them with the necessary facilities and to accompany them themselves. While this is happening and Pinkerton agents are engaged with a foreign convoy, another person enters the city; A seemingly ordinary farmer.

James Dutton is traveling to Fort Worth with his horse and carriage when he is attacked by a series of bandits; Xia Brennan and Thomas, who are watching the farmer from a distance, guess what is going to happen between them, but are surprised; Because James can incredibly catch up with these savage bandits, all alone and with a gun. It is true that the first encounter between James and Xia Brennan and Thomas takes place there, but it is quite clear that this will not be their last encounter. Their second encounter is when James enters the city.

Isabel May with a burning carriage in the 1883 series

While watching the city and trying to enter a guest house, he encounters two thieves who try to steal his wallet. James can cleverly reclaim his rights, find his wallet, shoot the thief, reveal the identity of the thief to the people of the city, and cause his execution. When the James family arrived in the city, it was decided that they, too, would begin their journey with a large foreign caravan; So that they are not alone and others can use the presence of James and his daughter. After a while, a number of cowboys joined their caravan to accompany them.

Shortly afterwards, the cowboys, along with Shea Brennan, Thomas, James, and her daughter Elsa, set out on a small mission to manage and guide the wild cows to their intended destination. During this time, when most of the men and guards were away from the settlement, several men who appeared to be dangerous approached the women and children and tried to drink water from the lake. Because the people there felt a little dangerous, one of the women stepped forward and stupidly attacked the new men with stones.

This creates a major conflict between the two groups, which eventually leads to the death of several members of the convoy; Including the daughter of the same woman who started the conflict. Upon learning of this, James, Xia and Thomas decide to go to town with the leader of the foreign convoy (who had seen the attackers) and look for the sheriff. After reporting the events of the same day, they went to a pub and identified each of the attackers and eventually killed them. Each and every one of the caravans knew what difficulties and dangers they were going to experience when starting such a journey. So now was not the time to give up and retreat. Now that they had taken their revenge and buried their loved ones, it was time to start their journey again and resume their journey.

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