iPhone 12 – Apple Wants to Launch Five New iPhone in 2020

Apple Inc going to release the iPhone 12 with a new design and 5G support. This new iPhone 12 will be biggest upgrade in this year because Apple company will be launch 4 types of iPhone in coming year 2020. However, Apple Analyst Ming- Chi Kuo predicted that the 4 iPhone 12 will be 5.4-inch, Two 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch. One of a new iPhone which may be launched in the beginning of the year will be SE 2 with a 4.7-inch LCD display. It is early now till fall of 2020,  maybe there will be many changes on it but still many leaks out already about iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 will be the first phone will support the 5G networks in 2020 which makes possible all iPhone which will be launched in 2020 have advantage of the fast networking standard and all new iPhone have in display touch ID functionality and possibly two new sizes.

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Latest iPhone 12 Rumors 

Apple Company plan to release 5 iphones in 2020 which 4 of them will be iPhone 12 and the fifth one will be SE 2 iPhone. this time you will be surprised because 5G and 6G will be available on up coming iPhone in 2020, some of the iPhones will have 5G support and some of them will support 6G. iPhone will be the first company which support 5G and 6G in their product in coming year. 

 iPhone 12- How many models

As i said before that Apple company will release 4 mobiles of iPhone 12 in next month. in fall of 2020 the new iPhone will be available for the users around the world to buy. iPhone 12 will have this specifications

  • Four iPhones
  • 5.4″, 6.7″, and 6.1″ sizes
  • Triple-lens 3D camera with laser
  • All OLED displays
  • 5G connectivity
  • Revamped design
  • A14 chip

5G networking for all four models?

as expert expectation that iPhone 12 will support 5G and 6G. Apple company has upgraded more feature of iPhone 12 as iPhone 11.  All four models of iPhone 12 has 5G support but some of them will have 6G support too that will be will amazing. 

iPhone 12 Price

The cost of iPhone 11 was $699 and iPhone 11 pro and pro max was $999 and $1099 so this time the iPhone 12 will be higher than previous iPhone 11. The reason is wild card of 5G in iPhone 12 so that’s the predication of Apple analyst. we have to wait until the fall of 2020 to be released officially 

iPhone 12 release date

Apple company always release the new iPhone in fall of the year ( September 2020 ) so, you need to wait until that time for launch of the new iPhone. 


Apple company will launch 5 iPhone in up coming year. four of them will be iPhone 12 and one of them will be SE 2 iPhone and it will be launch in fall of the 2020.

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