It Takes Two’s sales exceed 5 million copies


Hazelite Studios has confirmed that It Takes Two has set a new sales record.

Undoubtedly, Hazelite Studios co-op It Takes Two was one of the most prominent works of 2021, which was praised by critics and players. Of course, the acclaim of critics and gamers has been accompanied by significant sales of the game; Because it was recently confirmed that It Takes Two has set a new sales record.

Hazelite Studios tweeted that It Takes Two has now sold 5 million copies worldwide. In October 2021, the sales of this Coop game exceeded 3 million copies and now with 2 million more sales, it has reached a new record. In December last year, It Takes Two won The Game of the Year at The Game Awards and was named Game of the Year by a number of media outlets and other publications; Therefore, it seems that the increasing popularity of the game has had a great impact on its sales.

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It Takes Two game currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X series platforms | Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC can be experienced. Thanks to its amazing stage design, great variety of stage ideas, flawless co-op experience that keeps both players entertained, very high repetition value, spectacular visual effects and graphic art, and the use of appropriate music and great sound. Zomji check to get a score of 10 out of 10.

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