Join more actors in Guy Ritchie’s new film starring Jake Gyllenhaal


4 new actors, including Anthony Starr, to the cast The Interpreter, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, has been added.

It was a while ago that we realized Guy Ritchie He has directed the film The Interpreter and is scheduled to appear in this film Jake Gyllenhaal Let’s be. Now in the latest Movie and TV newsMore actors have been added to Guy Ritchie’s new film. دار سلیم Having starred in six episodes of Game of Thrones and Warrior, he is set to play Ahmed in The Interpreter, who will be the second main actor in the film.

In addition to Gyllenhaal and Salim, Alexander Ludwig With a history of playing in the Vikings series and the movie Bad Boys For Life, Anthony Starr With a history of playing in The Boys series, Jason Wang With a role in The Gentleman, Bobby Scofield With a history of playing in the series Anne, Sean Sagar With a history of acting in the movie The Gentleman and Emily Bicham With a cast in Cruella, there are other cast members added to The Interpreter. The filming of this film has already started and is underway in Alicante, Spain.

Dar Salim, Alexander Ludig, Anthony Starr and Emily Beacham

Gyllenhaal plays Sergeant John Kinley in this action-packed thriller, who during his recent trip to Afghanistan collaborates with a local translator, Behnam Ahmed, to explore the area. Kinly and Ahmed are the only survivors of an armed group patrolling the area and attacking them. While the attackers are chasing them, Ahmed risks his life and carries the wounded Kinley for miles to take him to safety and save his life.

After returning to the United States, Kinley realizes that Ahmed and his family have not been transferred to the United States, as promised. Kinley now returns to the war zone to protect his friend’s life, as well as to repay his kindness, to find Ahmed and his family and take them to the United States before the militants arrest and kill them. Ritchie is said to have written the story and script for The Interpreter after talking to soldiers and translators who risked their lives to help others.

also Marne Davis and Ivan Atkinson They helped Ritchie write the script for this action movie. United Artists Corporation, a subsidiary of MGM, will also distribute The Interpreter in the United States, and Amazon will distribute the film worldwide. Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is Guy Ritchie’s next comedy-espionage film set to hit theaters on March 18.

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