Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his Matrix movie revenue to cancer treatment


In a charitable act, Keanu Reeves donated $ 31.5 million of its revenue from the first installment of the Matrix trilogy to medical research into cancer patients.

According to Lad Bible magazine, Keanu Reeves, the trio of The Matrix and the John Wick movie series, received a $ 10 million advance payment for starring in the first installment of The Matrix. He also received another $ 35 million from the action film after it was widely acclaimed at the box office. It is now clear that Reeves at the time decided to donate 70% of his total revenue from the film, including $ 31.5 million, to medical research into leukemia treatment.

But Keanu Reeves’ admirable move has an important motivation, and that is that his younger sister is suffering from this incurable disease. At the time of the donation, Kim Reeves had been battling leukemia for about eight years. He contracted the disease in 1991 and finally recovered in 2001 after a decade of treatment. Even after his sister’s treatment, Keanu Reeves apparently continued to donate the money to treat cancer patients for years, and even set up his own cancer fund.

Matrix movie star Keanu Reeves

The report says that Keanu Reeves has been secretly pursuing this benevolent act for years without attracting media attention. “I have a private charity that has been running for about five or six years,” she told Ladies Home in 2009. The fund helps pediatric hospitals and cancer research. “I do not want this to be done in my name. I gave them the power to do whatever is necessary.”

Keanu Reeves has a brilliant track record in such humanitarian endeavors; In 2020, he held a 15-minute auction with Zoom He donated the proceeds to Camp Rainbow Gold, Idaho Children’s Cancer Center. The winner of the auction paid $ 19,000 for a short appointment with a Hollywood star.

The Matrix Resurrections is Keanu Reeves’ latest film, which made him one of the highest paid actors of 2021 with $ 12 million to $ 14 million. In the end, you can share your opinions about this with Zomji and other users.

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